Undergraduate Advising


Degree Seeking Students

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Non-Degree Seeking or Transient Students

Permit requests for non-degree seeking or transient students from other schools are granted on a space available basis in the Muma College of Business. As such, non-degree seeking and transient students may not be permitted to register for Muma College of Business courses until the first week of classes.

Students must provide proof of completion of course, major, and college limited access requirements before permits will be granted (please see online USF Catalog). Students must submit a copy (unofficial is acceptable) of transcripts for previous coursework earned. Students may fax copies of transcripts to (813) 974-2797, ATTN: Non-Degree Processing. Please include a cover page with the following information:

The processing date will depend on course demand and availability. Requests will be processed between the university non-degree registration date and the end of the first week of classes.