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Recent Masters Theses                                                                                                Spring 2013 - PRESENT

Fall 2016
Simulation and Verification of Fluid Jet Polishing
STUDENT: Hu, Senmiao
ADVISOR(S): Guldiken, Rasim

Molybdenum Disulfide-Conducting Polymer Composite Structures for Electrochemical Biosensor Applications
STUDENT: Jia, Hongxiang
ADVISOR(S): Kumar, Ashok / Ram, Manoj

Designing the Haptic Interface for Morse Code
STUDENT: Walker, Michael P.
ADVISOR(S): Reed, Kyle

Corrosion Characteristics of Magnesium under Varying Surface Roughness Conditions
STUDENT: Yayoglu, Yahya
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan

Summer 2016
The Development of a Prosthetic Training Software for Upper Limb Amputees
STUDENT: Sullins, Tyler
ADVISOR(S): Dubey, Rajiv / Carey, Stephanie

Spring 2016
Hydrogen Effects on X80 Steel Mechanical Properties Measured by Tensile and Impact Testing
ADVISOR(S): Volinsky, Alex

Fall 2015
Measuring Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) Mechanical Properties Using Flat Punch Nanoindentation Focusing on Obtaining Full Contact
STUDENT: De Paoli, Federico
ADVISOR(S): Volinsky, Alex

Passive Symmetry in Dynamic Systems and Walking
STUDENT: Muratagic, Haris
ADVISOR(S): Reed, Kyle

Mechanical Properties of Laser-Sintered-Nylon Diamond Lattices
STUDENT: Neff, Clayton
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan

Design, Fabrication and Analysis of a Paver Machine Push Bar Mechanism
STUDENT: Palnati, Mahendra
ADVISOR(S): Volinsky, Alex

Summer 2015
Use of Anaerobic Adhesive for Prevailing Torque Locking Feature on Threaded Product
STUDENT: Hernandez, Alan
ADVISOR(S): Hess, Daniel

Dual 7 Degree-of-Freedom Robotic Arm Remote Teleoperation Using Haptic Devices
STUDENT: Wang, Yu-Cheng
ADVISOR(S): Alqasemi, Redwan

Ductility and Use of Titanium Alloy and Stainless Steel Aerospace Fasteners
STUDENT: Whittaker, Jared
ADVISOR(S): Hess, Daniel

Spring 2015
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions, Human Energy, and Cultural Perceptions Associated with Traditional and Improved Methods of Shea Butter Processing in Ghana, West Africa
STUDENT: Adams, Emily
ADVISOR(S): Durham, Delcie / Mihelcic, James

An Experimental Study on Passive Dynamic Walking
STUDENT: Hatzitheodorou, Philip
ADVISOR(S): Reed, Kyle

Viability of Bismuth as a Green Substitute for Lead in Jacketed .357 Magnum Revolver Bullets
STUDENT: Jenkins, Joel
ADVISOR(S): Wilkinson, Stuart

Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Properties of Polyaniline Thin Films
STUDENT: Rami, Soukaina
ADVISOR(S): Kumar, Ashok / Ram, Manoj

The Development of an Adaptive Driving Simulator
STUDENT: Tudor, Sarah
ADVISOR(S): Carey, Stephanie / Dubey, Rajiv

Fall 2014
Exergetic Life Cycle Assessment of Electrospun Polyvinylidene Fluoride 
STUDENT: Abbasi, Salman
ADVISOR(S): Durham, Delcie

Exploration of Electrodeposition of Aluminum-Nickel Alloys and Multilayers in Organic Chloroaluminate Ionic Liquids
STUDENT: Waqar, Ammar Bin
ADVISOR(S): Cai, Wenjun

Spring 2014
Asymmetric Unilateral Transfemoral Prosthetic Simulator
STUDENT: Ramakrishnan, Tyagi
ADVISOR(S): Reed, Kyle

A Recreation and Ballistic Evaluation of Otto Schneeloch's Firearm Curiosity – the .307 Triangular
STUDENT: Shukitis, Amber
ADVISOR(S): Wilkinson, Stuart

Fall 2013
Biomechanical Comparison of Titanium and Cobalt Chromium Pedicle Screw Rods in an Unstable Cadaveric Lumbar Spine
STUDENT: Doulgeris, James
ADVISOR(S): Hess, Daniel / Lee, William

Static and Dynamic Components of Droplet Friction
STUDENT: Griffiths, Peter
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan

The Biomechanics of the Tendu in Closing to the Traditional Position, Plie and Releve
STUDENT: Masters, Nyssa
ADVISOR(S): Dubey, Rajiv

Summer 2013
Design, Manufacturing, and Assembly of a Flexible Thermoelectric Device
STUDENT: Martinez, Christopher
ADVISOR(S): Crane, Nathan

A Wearable Motion Analysis System to Evaluate Gait Deviations
STUDENT: Martori, Amanda
ADVISOR(S): Carey, Stephanie

Aspect Ratio Effect on Melting and Solidification During Thermal Energy Storage
STUDENT: Sridharan, Prashanth
ADVISOR(S): Rahman, Muhammad / Goswami, D. Yogi

Effect of Bolted Joint Preload on Structural Damping
STUDENT: Xu, Weiwei
ADVISOR(S): Hess, Daniel

Spring 2013
Reliability Assessment of Ion Contamination Residues on Printed Circuit Board
STUDENT: Nguyen, Minh
ADVISOR(S): Kumar, Ashok / Doss, Kantesh

Shield Design for Maximum Deformation in Shape-Shifting Surfaces
STUDENT: Perez, Daniel
ADVISOR(S): Lusk, Craig


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