Transfer Requirements & Deadlines


Transfer Requirements and Deadlines

Admission to USF is more competitive than ever, but the process of applying is not difficult. Unless otherwise noted, our transfer requirements and deadlines are consistent across all three campuses: Tampa campus, St. Petersburg campus and Sarasota-Manatee campus.

Note: USF does not require essays or personal statements. Any submission of an essay or personal statement will not be opened or reviewed.

General Requirements for All Majors

USF has standard requirements for admission that all applicants must meet. Please consult our Transfer Admission Requirements for a complete list. 

Additional requirements for selective majors

Even if you meet general requirements, your admission to specific academic programs may depend on meeting additional requirements.

Click the buttons below to view an outline of additional requirements for your desired major.

For more information on admission to a specific academic program, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

Foreign Language Entrance Requirement (FLENT)

To graduate from USF, students must have two academic units of the same foreign language in high school or two semesters of the same foreign language or American Sign Language (ASL) in college.

  • If you've already completed the requirement before attending USF: Submit official transcripts showing the completed foreign language or ASL courses.
  • If you haven't completed the requirement before attending USF: you must take required coursework while at USF to graduate.

How to Meet FLENT Requirements Before Attending:

If you do not plan on taking foreign language coursework at USF, you must demonstrate completion or in-progress work for one of the options below to pass the FLENT requirement:

Learn more about admission to USF through our special virtual information session for transfer students!