Cost of Attendance

Transfer Student Scholarships

We get it. College can be expensive – which is why we offer generous scholarships to high achieving transfer students. Scholarships are based on academic merit and do not need to be repaid. Last year, more than 5,450 students received an average USF admissions scholarship of $2,646. Many more students qualified for additional scholarship awards from USF, the USF Foundation, Bright Futures and other organizations. 2022-23 scholarship criteria for

USF Admissions Scholarships

To be considered for significant admissions scholarships, all you have to do is submit a complete admissions application by March 1 (if enrolling in the Summer/Fall) or by Oct. 1 (if enrolling in the Spring)! If you receive a scholarship, you will be notified in your acceptance letter.

Other USF Scholarships

Check out the STARS scholarship database for other USF awards you may wish to apply for. Another scholarship source is the USF Foundation, which awards over $7 million in privately funded scholarships each year.

Bright Futures Scholarships

Funded by the Florida lottery, the Bright Futures program rewards Florida high school graduates for high academic achievement. Learn more about these lucrative awards and how to apply.

Other Scholarships

Don’t pay a search service to find scholarships for you - there is a wealth of information available free of charge online! Check out these credible national scholarship search sites to assist with your search.


Find out how USF lowers your cost of attendance even more with our generous scholarship options.