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From left: Dr. Tara Deubel, Natasha Sutton, Shaye Soifoine, and Zach Whiteman. (Photo courtesy of Tara Deubel)

Sustainable women's argan oil field school in Morocco creates hands-on research experiences for students

Two CAS students recently participated in a field school project where they were provided with hands-on research experience opportunities related to the cultural and socioeconomic impact of argan oil production in Morocco.

January 26, 2024Community Engagement, Research

USF students participating in The Spanopoulos Lab with Dr. Spanopoulos (center).   (Photo courtesy of Dr. Ioannis Spanopoulos)

Dr. Ioannis Spanopoulos recognized for significant contributions to the advancement of materials used for energy and environmental applications

Chemistry's Dr. Ioannis Spanopoulos has been recognized by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) for significant contributions to the advancement of materials used for energy and environmental applications.

January 25, 2024Accomplishments, Research

From left: Dr. Elizabeth Aranda, Dr. Heide Castañeda, and Nanci Palacios record episode 1 of the “Im/migrant Lives” podcast. (Photo by Corey Lepak)

New podcast “Im/migrant Lives” highlights impact of public policy and community organizations on im/migrant communities

The Im/migrant Well-Being Research Center’s new podcast features thought leaders and scholars and seeks to inform the public about how policies and community organizations can solve the most pressing problems facing im/migrant communities.

January 25, 2024Community Engagement, Research

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Alumni Spotlight

Dr. Ernest Boger became the first African American student at USF where he not only shaped the history of the Civil Rights Movement but became a pioneer in the hospitality industry with over 40-years of experience.

Alumni Spotlight 

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