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When is an appointment recommended?

  • The Department of Anthropology recommends that each student make an advising appointment after declaring Anthropology as their official major and at the beginning of each semester to ensure a timely graduation. However, students can make an appointment at any time if they would like help with course planning, Study Abroad & Field Schools, or just have general advising questions. The more often you meet with an advisor the better job we can do helping you stay on track.

Schedule an Appointment

What if I can't make an appointment?

  • A new day of appointments opens each day, for the day two weeks out. Check first thing in the morning to maximize chances of making an appointment.
  • Try emailing the advisor (, oftentimes issues can be solved over email. Please email from a USF email address and be sure to include your full name and University ID number.
  • Plan ahead - don't wait until the last minute to make an appointment.

Advisor Email

How do I officially declare my major in Anthropology?

  • You will declare your major online through the College of Arts and Sciences and within a few days should get an email from the advisor welcoming you to the department and inviting you to schedule an advising appointment.

What if I am an Anthropology minor?

  • You declare the Anthropology minor on your graduation application, but you are still welcome to meet with the undergraduate advisor to go over requirements for the minor and any questions you may have.

What if I am a Transfer Student?

  • You will be required to meet with an advisor as part of your orientation program, at that time we will discuss your remaining degree requirements and help you plan your schedule.

What if I am a senior?

  • It is very important that you schedule a graduation check appointment during the semester BEFORE you intend to graduate. If you wait until your final semester it may be too late to register for any remaining requirements.

What if I just have a simple question?

  • Send and email! In the e-mail message, include your name, student ID number, and a phone number.

I just need a permit for class, do I need to see an advisor?

  • You can request a permit via email. Please be sure to include your name, university ID number, and the course number (as well as section number).

What if I need to late add/late drop/or withdraw from a class?

  • You must file a petition with the Academic Regulations Committee for the College of Arts and Sciences. All forms can be found on this site and must be filled out completely via Archivum. They should be turned into the College of Arts and Sciences in BEH 201.

How to lookup/register for classes in the OASIS Student Schedule Search?

  • The Office of the Registrar registration webpage includes a wealth of information regarding how to lookup/register for classes in OASIS.

What other type of help is available?

Undergraduate Advising Forms




Graduate Catalog


PhD Course Request Form

PhD Course Suggestions

  • ANG 7905: Directed study in place of or in addition to coursework
  • ANG 7910: Quals
  • ANG 7940: Research/data collection (must be in candidacy)
  • ANG 7980: Dissertation writing (must be in candidacy)

PhD Committee Form

PhD Committee Requirements

  • 4 Committee Members Required
  • CV Required for any non-USF Faculty
  • CV Required for all (Co-)Major 

Change Committee Form

Change Concentration Form

Ph.D. Medical Course Tracking Sheet

Ph.D. Cultural Course Tracking Sheet

Ph.D. Biological Course Tracking Sheet

Ph.D. Archaeology Course Tracking Sheet