Elizabeth Bews

PhD Student

picture of Elizabeth Bews


Office: SOC 11E


  • B.A., History, Russian, French St. Olaf College 2015
  • Fulbright Research Fellow, Archaeology, Bulgaria 2016-2017
  • M.A., Archaeology, Cornell University 2018


Jonathan Bethard


I am interested in the bioarchaeological consequences of imperialism in terms of both its political and social impact on subjugated communities. Throughout my fieldwork experiences in Turkey, Bulgaria, and Romania I investigated cultural contact and entanglement on the fringes of empire. During this time I became interested in how social tensions between the global and local manifested in imperial contexts, and how those phenomena were reflected on bodies and in burial practice. Broadly, my dissertation will explore the impact of imperialism on the physical bodies of people incorporated into an imperial project in what is today modern Bulgaria. I am interested in the way in which locals navigated the complex issues that accompany incorporation into an empire, and how that civic, religious, and political shift impacted health and disease in local populations.


Bews, E.A. 2018. After accession: EU funding and archaeological practice in Bulgaria, M.A. Thesis. Cornell University.