Theses and Dissertations

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Armstrong, Lisa (PhD)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Ethnographic Insight on the Construct of Blackness: Heritage, ‘Home,’ Community, and Reality in Carver City-Lincoln Gardens, Tampa, Florida, 1928-2021

Berumen, Sara (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: An Assessment of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals Gender Affirming Health Care Practices in the Greater Tampa Bay

Burchfield, Chandler (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Mound-Summit Practices at Cockroach Key (8HI2) Through the Lens of Practice Theory

Edwards, Russell (PhD)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Crafting a Scene: The Nexus of Production and Consumption of Tampa Bay Craft Beer

Henderson, Heather (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Applied Anthropology of Addiction in Clinical Spaces: Co-Developing and Assessing a Novel Opioid Treatment Pathway

Koerner, Lauren (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Japan’s COVID 19 Infection Rate: A Focus on Tokyo Neighborhoods

Manzano, Russell (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Mental Health and the Effects of Stress and Violence on Migrant Farmworker Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Putnam, Ethan (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: An Ideology of Racism: Community Representation,  Segregation, and the Historical Cemeteries of Panama City, Florida

Valliant Cruz, Glenda (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: “Afro-Latinx and Afro-Latin Americans in the United States: Examining Ethnic and Racial Experiences in Higher Education”

Vidmar, Abby (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: “That’s What We Call ‘Aesthetics;” The Social Construction of Tap Water Mistrust in an Underbounded Urban Community” 

Waters, Juliana (MA)
Professor: Diane Wallman
Title: Black Cemeteries Matter: The Erasure of Historic Black Cemeteries in Polk County, Florida

Wright, Crystal (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: An Edgefield Ceramic Assemblage from the Lost Town of St. Joseph, Northwest Florida


Arias-Steele, Sara (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Aspiring to “Make it Work”: Defining Resilience and Agency Amongst Hispanic Youth Living in Low-Income Neighborhoods

Arredondo, Brandylyn (MA)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: “I Wish Somebody Called Me, Told Me Not to Worry”: Evaluating a Non-Profit’s Use of Social Support to Address Refugee Women’s Resettlement Challenges

Berger, Jacqueline (PhD)
Professor: Jonathan Bethard
Title: Of Body and Mind: Bioarchaeological Analysis of Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Anatomization and Institutionalization in Siena, Italy

Berman, Lia (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Cannabis Capitalism in Colorado: An Ethnography of Il/legal Production and Consumption

Blackburn, John (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Analyses Of Woodland Check-Stamped Ceramics In Northwest Florida

Bordelon, Blair (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: “Here Come the Crackers!”: An Ethnohistorical Case Study of Local Heritage Discourses and Cultural Reproduction at a Florida Living History Museum

Boyer, Shana (MA)
Professor: Diane Wallman
Title: Privies as Portals: A Ceramic and Glass Bottle Analysis of a Late 19th Century Household Privy in Ellenton, FL

Bradley, Sarah (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Making Change in the Nickel City: Food Banking and Food Insecurity in Buffalo, NY During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Douglass, McKenna (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Ware and Tear in Ancient Tampa Bay: Ceramic Elemental Analyses from Pinellas County Sites

Draskovich, Heather (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Rethinking Settlement Patterns at the Weeden Island Site (8PI1) on Florida’s Central Gulf Coast

Falk Smith, Nicole (PhD)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Listening to Women: Using a Mixed-Methods Approach to Understanding Women’s Desires and Experience During Childbirth

Harke, Ryan (PhD)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Archaeology and Seasonality of Stock Island (8Mo2), a Glades-Tradition Village on Key West

Head, Michala (MA)
Professor: Dillon Mahoney
Title: How Culture and Storytelling Can Influence Urban Development: An Ethnographic Look at the Community-Driven Revitalization of Newtown in Sarasota, Florida

Inks, Michaela (MA)
Professor: Dillon Mahoney
Title: Educational Experiences of Congolese Refugees in West-Central Florida High Schools

Johnson, Melissa (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Constructing 'Child Safety': Policy, Practice, and Marginalized Families in Florida's Child Welfare System

Jones, Kayla (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: "We're the Lucky Ones": A Social Network Analysis of Recovery After the Iowa Derecho

Kihlstrom, Laura (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: How Race is Made in Everyday Life: Food, Eating, and Dietary Acculturation among Black and White Migrants in Florida, U.S.

Lomberk, Timothy (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Tourism, Education, and Identity Making: Agency and Representation of Indigenous Communities in Public Sites within Florida.

MacLean, Caroline (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Pregnancy and Fertility Amongst Women with the MTHFR C677T Polymorphism: An Anthropological Review

McCoy, Bernice (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: "25 years later and I'm still here...still positive": Older Black Males' Lived Experiences of Aging with HIV in Hillsborough County, FL

Miller, Heidi (PhD)
Professor: Diane Wallman
Title: A Biocultural Analysis of the Impacts of Interactions Between West Africans and Europeans During the Trans-Atlantic Trade at Elmina, Ghana

Reyes, Lucio (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: The Distribution in Native Populations From Mexico and Central America of the C677T Variant in the MTHFR Gene

Sax, Adam (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Politics vs. The Environment: The Spatial Distributions of Mississippian Mound Centers in Tampa Bay

Southard, Elizabeth (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Seasonality, Labor Organization, and Monumental Constructions: An Otolith Study from Florida’s Crystal River Site (8CI1) and Roberts Island Shell Mound Complex (8CI40 and 41)

Temkina, Anastasia (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: The Early Medieval Transition: Diet Reconstruction, Mobility, and Culture Contact in the Ravenna Countryside, Northern Italy

Turner, Christopher (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: The Science of Guessing: Critiquing Ancestral Estimation Through Computer Generated Statistical Analysis Within Forensic Anthropology in a Real-World Setting

Vogel, Kristen (MA)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: Listening to Queens: Ghana's Women Traditional Leaders as a Model for Gender Parity

Wallace, Jelane (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Site Suitability Modeling in the Sand Pine Scrub of the Ocala National Forest

Witcher, Colette (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Our Story, Our Homeland, Our Legacy: Settlement Patterns of The Geechee at Sapelo Island Georgia, From 1860 To 1950

Wright, Jordan (MA)
Professor: Jonathan Bethard
Title: Identifying Skeletal Puberty Stages in a Modern Sample from the United States

Zolik, Jaime (MA)
Professor: Charles Stanish
Title: Pollen-Vegetation Relationships in Upper Tampa Bay


Arroyo, Juan Pablo (PhD)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Maternal Social Status, Offspring 2D:4D Ratio and Postnatal Growth, in Macaca mulatta (Rhesus Macaques)

Barbier, Clarisse (PhD)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: Social Exclusion of Older Mossi Women Accused of Witchcraft in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Bargielski, Richard (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Fields Brook Superfund Site: Race, Class, and Environmental Justice in a Blasted Landscape

Barkmeier, Jonathan (MA)
Professor: Jonathan Bethard
Title: The Effects of Feudalism on Medieval English Mobility: A Biological Distance Study Using Nonmetric Cranial Traits

Bender, Cori (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells and Linda Whiteford
Title: Before the Storm: Water and Energy Utilities, Human Vulnerability and Disaster Risk

Caso, Gianpiero (PhD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Recipes for the Living and the Dead: Technological Investigation of Ceramics from prehistoric Sicily. The case studies of Sant’Angelo Muxaro and Polizzello

Darly, Zaida (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Save Water Drink Wine: Challenges of Implementing the Ethnography of the Temecula Valley Wine Industry into Food-Energy-Water Nexus Decision-Making

Deluca, Eileen (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: İYo luché!: Uncovering and Interrupting Silencing in an Indigenous and Afro-descendant Community

Gantzert, Jessica (MA)
Professor: Diane Wallman
Title: Unwritten Records: Crime and Punishment in Early Virginia

Kadono, Mika (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Miller and Linda Whiteford
Title: "It's been a huge stress": An in-depth, exploratory study of vaccine hesitant parents in Southern California

Kuehn, Kelsi (MA)
Professor: Jonathan Bethard
Title: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Elemental Analysis in Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology

Lockman, Michael (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Middle Woodland Mounds of the Lower Chattahoochee, Lower Flint, and Apalachicola River Basin

Lovingood, Tracy (MA)
Professor: Diane Wallman
Title: Overturning the Turnbull Settlement: Artifact Analysis of the Old Stone Wharf in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Mehta, Kanan (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: “They will think we are the Cancer Family”: Studying Patterns of Cancer Disclosure and Communication among Indian Immigrants in the United States

Min, April (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Museum Kura Hulanda: Representations of Transatlantic Slavery and African and Dutch Heritage in Post-Colonial Curaçao

Moore, Bethany (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Nurses and Needlesticks: Perceptions of Stigma and HIV Risk

Moore, Tiffany (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Circadian Rhythms and the Embodiment of Social Zeitgebers: Linking the Bio and Social

Nau, Nadege (MA)
Professor: Dillon Mahoney
Title: Civic Engagement amid Civil Unrest: Haitian Social Scientists Working at Home

Olayiwola, Olubukola (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: "Placing our breasts on a hot kerosene lantern": A Critical Study of Microfinancialization in the Lives of Women Entrepreneurs in the Informal Economic Sector in Ibadan, Nigeria

Pena, Jose (PhD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Domestic Life during the Late Intermediate Period at El Campanario site, Huarmey Valley, Peru

Ruiz, Juan (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: A South Florida Ethnography of Mobile Home Park Residents Organizing Against Neoliberal Crony Capitalist Displacement

Shakour, Katherine (PhD)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: From Colonial Legacy to Difficult Heritage: Responding to and Remembering An Gorta Mór, Ireland’s Great Hunger

Siven, Jacqueline (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: The Role of Financial Insecurity and Expectations in Perspectives on Mental Health Services among Refugees

Taylor, Melina (PhD)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: "Governmentality, Biopower, and Sexual Citizenship: A Feminist Examination of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Experiences of 18-24 Year-Olds in the U.S. Southeast"

Verostick, Kirsten (PhD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Characterizing Childhood and Diet in Migration Period Hungary

Wakhungu, Mathews (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: An Ethnography of WaSH Infrastructures and Governance in Sulphur Springs, Florida


Baker Warren, Emily (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Miller
Title: Pathways to Parenthood: Attitudes and Preferences of Eight Self-Identified Queer Women Living in Tampa Bay, FL

Casper, Breanne (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: "It's Not Addiction Until You Graduate": Natural Recovery in the College Context

Hinds, Kris-An (MA)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: Perceptions of Infrastructure, Flood Management, and Environmental Redevelopment in the University Area, Hillsborough County, Florida

Holbrook, Emily (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Eating in America: Easing the Transition for Resettled Refugees through an Applied Anthropological Intervention

Ketcher, Dana (PhD)
Professors: Linda Whiteford and Heide Castañeda
Title: Genetic Testing and the Power of the Provider: Women’s Experiences with Cancer Genetic Testing

Litteral Matthew (Sean) (MA)
Professor: Diane Wallman
Title: An Archaeological Investigation of Enslavement at Gamble Plantation

Logan, Ryan (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: “Right in the Trenches with Them”: Caregiving, Advocacy, and the Political Economy of Community Health Workers

Maxwell, Ashley (PhD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Exploring Variations in Diet and Migration from Late Antiquity to the Early Medieval Period in the Veneto, Italy: A Biochemical Analysis

Noble, Charlotte (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Small Plots, Big Hopes: Factors Associated with Participation in an Urban Garden Project in Lesotho

Panchang, Sarita (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Sundaas Story: A Mixed-Methods Study of Household Sanitation Provisioning in Urban Informal Housing in India

Rosen, Danielle (PhD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: The Tampa Gym Study: An Ethnographic Exploration of Gyms, Female Gym-Goers and The Quest for Fitness in Tampa, FL

Tricarico, Anthony (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Environmental Legacies of Pre-Contact and Historic Land Use in Antigua, West Indies

Wagi, Cheyenne (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: “What I Hadn’t Realized is How Difficult it is, You Know?”: Examining the Protective Factors and Barriers to Breastfeeding in the UK


Alkhuzaim, Faisal (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: “I Want Ketchup on my Rice”: The Role of Child Agency on Arab Migrant Families Food and Foodways

Barth, Donna (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Exploring Explicit Fanfiction as a Vehicle for Sex Education among Adolescents and Young Adults

Bergmann, Christine (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Elemental Analyses of Archaeological Bone Using PXRF, ICP-MS, and a Newly Developed Calibration to Assess Andean Paleodiets

Burris, Mecca (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Food Insecurity and Age of Menarche: Using a Biocultural Approach and Life History Theory to Assess Risks of Food Insecurity among Girls in Tampa Bay, FL

Bockover, Spencer (MA)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: Cancer Patient Experience Using Integrative Health Techniques

Collura, Gino (PhD)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: A Tool For Veteran Reassimilation

Goad, Gennifer (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: High-Precision Lead Isotope Analysis on Modern Populations to Determine Geolocation Reliability

Gornik, Vivian (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Producing the Past: Contested Heritage and Tourism in Glastonbury and Tintagel

Herrera, Rene (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Miller
Title: Positive Deviance as a Framework for Understanding Motivations and Barriers to Exercise for University Students at Campus Recreation

Hoyt, Kaleigh (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Raptors and Humans: Exploring Alternative Therapies in Non-Clinical Environments using Birds of Prey

Knigge, Kerri (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Porter’s Bar: A Coastal Middle Woodland Burial Mound and Shell Midden in Northwest Florida

Kreiser, Kelsey (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Collecting the Past: Using a Private Collection of Artifacts to Assess Prehistoric Occupation of the Chipola River Valley in Northwest Florida

Lehigh, Gabrielle (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Capacity Building, Environmental Justice, and Brownfield Redevelopment: A Case Study of Harvest Hope Park, Tampa Bay, FL

Pace, Cynthia (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Ripple Effects of the Belo Monte Dam: A Syndemic Approach to Addressing Health Impacts for the Downstream Community of Gurupá

Papadopoulos, Airia (PhD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Do All “Good Mothers” Breastfeed? How African American Mothers’ Values and Experiences of Early Motherhood Influence Their Infant Feeding Choices

Pendygraft, John (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird & Daniel Lende
Title: Newsroom Narratives and Newsroom Solutions: Local Media in the Digital Age

Robinson, Kaniqua (PhD)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: The Performance of Memorialization: Politics of Memory and Memory-Making at the Arthur G. Dozier School for Bo

Sweetman, Chloe (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Miller
Title: TGF-β2 in Human Milk Research: Exploration of a New Field Methodology and New Findings of Biosimilar TGF-β2 in Nonhuman Milk

Sweezey, Jodie (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: “Livin’ the Dream?” How Veterans of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom Negotiate the Experience of Illness as They Transition from Healthy Warrior to Sick Veteran

Villalona, Seiichi (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Looking Beyond Patient Satisfaction: Experiences of Spanish-Speaking Patients Seeking Non-Urgent Care in an Emergency Department

Weisenberger, Emily (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: A Culture of Resistance: An Ethnography of Tampa Bay’s Racial Justice Activist Community

Williams, Devin (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: The Association of Size Variation in the Dental Arch to Third Molar Agenesis for a Modern Population

Winn, Justin (MA)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Vulnerability and Power: Exploring the Confluence of Politics and Climate Change in Cortez, Florida


Abella, Anna (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: The Time to Love: Ideologies of "Good" Parenting at a Family Service Organization in the Southeastern United States

Delgado, Alexander (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: More Than Just Empty Space: Integrated Geoarchaeological Investigations of the Crystal River Site (8CI1) Plaz

Downs, Kiersten (PhD)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: "Beautifully Awful": A Feminist Ethnography of Women Veterans' Experiences with Transition From Military Service

Dutt, Mohini (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Adverse Childhood Experiences and its Association with Cognitive Impairment in Non- Patient Older Population

Fairweather, Deneia (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Problematic Participation and Educational Dilemmas: Ethnography of the Educational Experiences of Black Male Youth in Hillsborough County, Florida

Leff, Channah (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Diagnostic Divisions of Eating Disorders: A Critical Analysis

Main, Meredith (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Like Watching a Brother Die: Environmental Racism in Bahia, Brazil

Padula, Katherine (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Re-Placing the Plantation Landscape at Yulee's Margarita Plantation

Rivara, Anna (PhD)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Evolution, Ecology, and Disparities: Constructing Stature, Immune Functioning, and Reproduction in Brazilian Quilombo, and United States, Women

Shaw, Lawrence (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Grassroots Branding: An Exploration of Grassroots Businesses within the Florida Skateboard Community

Trainor, John (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Poverty in the Land of Plenty? Deconstructing Role of Community-Based Organizations in a Small Community

Vickery, Farah (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Behind the Lens: the Pride and Politics of Filmmaking in Ghana

Vitous, Ann (MA/MPH)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Impacts of Tourism Development on Livelihoods in Placencia Village, Belize

Walsh-Felz, Aria (MA/MPH)
Professor: Heide Castaneda
Title: (Not) Everything is Good and Easy: Language-related Healthcare Experiences of Two Groups of Low-income Latina Mothers

Watson, Sharon (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Investing In Change: Illuminating Interactive Systems in HIV Research, Communication Diffusion, and Financing in Lesotho


Anderson, Kelsey (MA/MPH)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Concerns of Water Scarcity and Water Quality Among to Andean Communities in Peru

Baum, Laura (MA/MPH)
Professor: Angela Stuesse
Title: Neighborhood Perceptions of Proximal Industries in Progress Village, FL

Campbell, Rebecca (PhD)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Reification, Resistance, and Transformation? The Impact of Migration and Demographics on Linguistic, Racial, and Ethnic Identity and Equity in Educational Systems: An Applied Approach

Cantor, Allison (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Costumbres, Creencias, y "lo normal": A Biocultural Study of Changing Prenatal Dietary Practices in a Rural Tourism Community in Costa Rica

Dail, Adriana (MA/MPH)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Access to Health Services and Health Seeking Behavior Among Former Child Soldiers in Manizales, Colombia

Gold, Theodore (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Comparison of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Components at the Lighthouse Bayou Shell Midden, 8Gu114, Northwest Florida

Goodlett, Dana (MA/MPH)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: Resilience in Uncertainty: A Gramination of a Moroccan Centre Serving Unwed Mothers

Jackson, Kendal (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: The Archaeopalynology of Crystal River Site (8CI1), Citrus County, Florida

Jobe, Baboucar (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: The Household Water Management System in the Village of Falifah: A Case in Sustainable Local Development

Koenig, Eric (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Baiting Sustainability: Collaborative Coastal Management, Heritage Tourism, and Alternative Fisheries in Placencia, Belize

Krause, Stefan (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: The Production of Cultural Heritage Discourses: Political Economy and the Intersections of Public and Private Heritage in Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia

Lancey (Delaricheliere), Alexandra (MA)
Professor : Rebecca Zarger
Title: "But our Hands are Tied": Assessing School Gardening Efforts in Title I Elementary Schools in Pinellas County, Florida

Leisinger, Laural (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: The Other Earthquake: Janil Lwijis, Student Social Movements, and the Politics of Memory in Haiti

Miller, Jason (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: The Construction of Latino Im/migrant Families in U.S. News Media: Parents' Responses and Self-representations

O'Neal, Lori (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: What's in Your Toolbox? Examining Tool Choices at Two Middle and Late Woodland-Period Sites on Florida's Central Gulf Coast

O'Steen, Brianna (MA/MPH)
Professor: Tara Deubel
Title: Access and Barriers to Services for Dependent and Non-Dependent Commercially Sexually Exploited Children in Florida

Radwan, Chad (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: The Sweet Burden: Constructing and Contesting Druze Heritage and Identity in Lebanon

Rooney, Matthew (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Investigating Alternative Subsistence Strategies Among the Homeless Near Tampa, FL

Standifer, Maisha (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Social Dynamics and Ceramic Mobility of Final Bronze Age Ceramics in Corsica (France): Elemental Analysis Using a Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

Tafani, Aurelien (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: The Sweet Burden: Constructing and Contesting Druze Heritage and Identity in Lebanon

Tezak, Ann (MA/MPH)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: "A Wound That Never Heals": Health-Seeking Behaviors and Attitudes Towards Breast Cancer and Cancer in General Among Women in Nakirebe, Uganda

Thompson, Rachel (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Understanding Identity through Ceramic Analysis at the Crystal River and Roberts Islands Sites

Tyree, Rachel (MA)
Professor: Angela Stuesse
Title: Just Hospitality: Wage Theft, Grassroots Labor Organizing, and Activist Research in Nashville, Tennessee

West, Shaun (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Investigating Early Village Community Formation and Development at Kolomoki (9ER1)

Westerman, Rudy (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Archaeology of Silver Springs State Park, Marion County, FL

Winter, Alexis (MA)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Making a Place for People at a Wildlife Corridor on Chicago's South Side


Arango, James (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Slope Settlement and Post-Disaster Health Needs of Urban Displacement in La Paz, Bolivia

Arriola, Nora (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Food Insecurity and Hunger Experiences and their Impact on Food Pantry Clients in the Tampa Bay

Brijbag, Brian (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Southern Chivalry: Perception of Health & Environmental Justice in a Small Southern Neighborhood

Castillo, Carla (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Latino Immigrant Workers' Search for Justice After Occupational Injury

Casto, Kara (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Spatial Analysis of Archaeological Assemblages from the Late Ceramic Age (AD 400-1400) Site of Grand Bay, Carriacou, West Indies

Coolidge, Rhonda (PhD)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: The Relationship of Childhood Stress to Adult Health and Mortality among Individuals from Two U.S. Documented Skeletal Collections, Late 19th to Early 20th Centuries

Decker, Cassandra (MA)
Professor: Angela Stuesse
Title: The "Other" Side of Wall Street: Banking, Policies, and Adaptive Methods of U.S. Migrant Workers

Fulton, Kara (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Community Identity and Social Practice during the Terminal Classic Period at Actuncan, Belize

Gilbertson, Theresa (PhD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: A Comparative Analysis of Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry and Stable Isotopes in Assessing Ancient Coastal Peruvian Diets

Gottfredson, Lauren (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal & Ricardo Izurieta
Title: Maternal Stress, Breastmilk IGF-1, and Offspring Growth among Breastfeeding Mothers-Infant Pairs in the Tampa Bay Area

Griesbach, Christopher (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Improving LiDAR Data Post-Processing Techniques for Archaeological Site Management and Analysis: A Case Study from Canaveral National Seashore Park

Helmy, Hannah (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Situating Contraceptive Practics and Public Health Strategy in the Bronx: Perspectives from Female Youth, Healthcare Workers, and Reproductive Health Leaders

Hunsecker, Jennifer (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Teaching About Race in Introductory Anthropology Courses: An Ethnographic Study

Kelbaugh, Cristina (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Rib Fracture Patterns in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents

Kemp, Kassie (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Pottery Exchange and interaction at the Crystal River Site (8CI1), Florida

Kline, Nolan (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Pathogenic Policy: Health-Related Consequences of Immigrant Policing in Atlanta, GA

Marwah, Elizabeth (MA/MPH)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Understanding How Young People Experience Risk with Online-to-Offline Sexual Encounters: A Second Qualitative Phase for the CH@T Project

McKendry, Erin (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Interpreting Bronze Age Exchange in Sicily through Trace Element Characterization of Ceramics Utilizing Portable X-Ray Fluorescence (pXRF)

Melton, Stephanie (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: The Relationship Between Social Networks, Exchange and Kids' Food in Children's Peer Culture

Menz, Martin (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Like Blood from a Stone: Teasing out Social Difference from Lithic Production Debris at Kolomoki

Moreno-Cortes, Jose (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Living among the Ruins of an Unknown Past: Economic Realities, Sociocultural Perceptions, and Archaeological Practice in the Naco Valley, Honduras

Morgan, Jessica (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Obsidian Source Selection in the Early Bronze Age Cyclades

Mowson, Robin (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Reproductive Health Seeking Behaviors Among Female University Students: An Action Oriented Exploratory Study

Noche-Dowdy, Liotta (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Multi-Isotope Analysis to Reconstruct Dietary and Migration Patterns of an Avar Population from Sajópetri, Hungary, AD 568-895

Pfister, Anne (PhD)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Myths and Miracles in Mexico City: Treatment Seeking, Language Socialization, and Identity among Deaf Youth and their Families

Powell III, John (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Multiple Stain Histology of Skeletal Fractures: Healing and Microtaphonomy

Pratt, Suzanna (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Landscape Legacies of Sugarcane Monoculture at Betty's Hope Plantation, Antigua, West Indies

Prendergast, Eric (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: The Archaeology of the McKinnie Site (8JA1869), Apalachicola River Valley, Northwest Florida: Four Thousand Years in the Backswamp

Van Dyke, Melissa (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Creating a Professional Pathway for the Women who Care for our Children: An Anthropological Study of an Early Childhood Workforce Development Policy

Vargo, Amy (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: "It Takes Time to Shift Historical Paradigms": Changes in Structure, Governance, Perception, and Practice During a Decade of Child Welfare Policy Reform in Florida

Walker, Leslie (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Narrating Climate Change at the San Juan National Historic Site at the Community Level

Webb, Jennifer (MA)
Professor: Angela Stuesse
Title: Engaging-Up: Compromised Spaces and Potential Partners

Williams, Steven (MA)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Trash Talk: Understanding Food Waste at a Charter Elementary School in Florida


Amador, Edgar (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Can Anyone with Low Income Be Food Secure?: Mitigating Food Insecurity among Low Income Households with Children in the Tampa Bay Area

Ashkanani, Hasan (PhD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Interregional Interaction and Dilmun Power in the Bronze Age: A Characterization Study of Ceramics from Bronze Age Sites in Kuwait

Barbier, Clarisse (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Assessing Attachment Process Among Early Institutionalized Orphans in Burkina Faso, Africa

Cairns, Maryann (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Environment, Rights, and Waste in Bolivia: Addressing Water and Sanitation Processes for Improved Infrastructure

Demetriou, Nicole (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Medicaid Pays for That? An Exploratory, Mixed-Methods Analysis of Florida Home Birth

Dillon-Sumner, Laurel (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Cultivating Change: Negotiating Development and Public Policy in Southern California's Wine Country

Fishleder, Sarah (MA)
Professor: Daniel Lende
Title: Pathways of Embodiment: Drug Use Among Adolescents in Popay[aacute]n Colombia

Flansburg, Carroll (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Is Sickle Cell Trait as Benign as is Usually Assumed?

Forsyth, Colin (PhD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Structural Processes and Local Meaning: Explanatory Models, Political Economy, and Chagas Disease in Tropical Bolivia

Heath, Corliss (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Not on My Street: Exploration of Culture, Meaning and Perceptions of HIV Risk among Middle Class African American Women

Hunt, Christopher (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: A Forgotten Community: Archaeological Documentation of Old St. Joseph, Gulf County, Florida

Lim Siew Boon, Sylvia (MA/MPH)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Obesity and dining out: An exploration of dietary trends in urban Malaysia

Lowman, Iyshia (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Recreational Segregation: The Role of Place in Shaping Communities

McLeod, J. (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Digital Modeling and Non-Destructive Technological Examination of Artifacts and Safety Harbor Burial Practices at Picnic Mound 8Hi3, Hillsborough County, Florida

Norman, Sean (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Modeling the Relationship between Climate Change and Landscape Modification at the Crystal River Site (8CI1), Florida

Nostrom, Rachel (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Portable X-ray Fluorescence Analysis of Pottery at the Bayshore Homes Site in Pinellas County, Florida

Phillips, Paige (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Examining Activity Organization in Plazas through Geochemical Analysis at Tlalancaleca, Puebla, Mexico (800 BC-AD 100)

Reeser, Douglas (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Medical Pluralism in a Neoliberal State: Health and Deservingness in Southern Belize

Ruiz, Ernesto (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Growing Children: The Relationship Between Food Insecurity and Child Growth and Development

Sivilich, Michelle (PhD)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Measuring the Adaptation of Military Response During the Second Seminole War Florida (1835-1842): KOCOA and The Role of a West Point Military Academy Education

Smith, Sarah (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: The Reproductive Lives of Chuukese Women: Transnationalism in Guam and Chuuk

Tise, Meredith (PhD)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Craniometric Ancestry Proportions among Groups Considered Hispanic: Genetic Biological Variation, Sex-Biased Asymmetry, and Forensic Applications

Tyler, Susan (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: "Wake Up the Knowledge That You Have": An Assessment of Community Food Security in Fellsmere, Florida

Villamar, Roger (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Guaman Poma's Legacy: Snapshots of Globalization, Identity, and Literacy through the Urban Amazonian Indigenous Intellectual Lens

Woodruff, Patrick (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Etruscan Trade networks: Understanding the Significance of Imported Materials in Remote Etruscan Settlements through Trace Element Analysis Using Non-Destructive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometery


Alfaro, Alicia (MA)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar
Title: Prehispanic Water Management at Takalik Abaj, Guatemala

Arroyo, Juan (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Exploring Potential Risk Factors of Fetal Origins of Diabetes: Maternal Stressors during Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes among Women in a Hospital in the Municipality of Caguas, Puerto Rico

Blankenship, Beth (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: "They Come, but They Don't Spend as Much Money": Livelihoods, Dietary Diversity, Food Security, and Nutritional Status in Two Roatán Communities in the Wake of Global Crises in Food Prices and Finance

Chan, Isabella (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: The Political Economy of Maternal Health in a Medically Pluralistic Environment: A Case Study in the Callejón de Huaylas, Perú

Chavez, Margeaux (MA)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Desert in the Springs: Ethnography of a Food Desert

Coughlin Depcinski, Melanie (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Cruising for Culture: Mass Tourism and Cultural Heritage on Roatán Island, Honduras

Crocker, Theresa (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Physicians as Gatekeepers: Uncovering Barriers and Facilitators to Participation in a Prostate Cancer Prevention Intervention Clinical Trial

Curry, Emelda (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: "It's This Simple, You Really Have to Want to be Together": A Qualitative Study of African American Military Couples

Denny, Maura (MA)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar
Title: Creating Community: A qualitative study to identify factors impacting community in a university Learning Community cohort

Dunn, Emily (MA/MPH)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: More than Feeding: Lived Experiences of Low-Income Women Receiving Lactation Support

Dyer, Karen (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Survivorship, Infertility and Parenthood: Experiencing Life after Cancer in Puerto Rico

Eden, Aimee (PhD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: The Professionalization and Practice of Lactation Consulting: Medicalized Knowledge, Humanistic Care

Gallentine, Ashley (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Exploring the Motives, Perceptions and Constructed Identities of the Facilitators for One Regional Council of a Positive Youth Development Program: Girls on the Run

Godfrey, David (MA)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Ecological Diversity in Hillsborough County, Florida: Correlations between Landscape Metrics and Socio-demographic Variables

Hayes, Dawn (PhD)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Archaeological and Historic Preservation in Tampa, Florida

Hughes, Daniel (PhD)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Circulating Ceramics in the Eighteenth Century Colonial Circum-Caribbean: Towards an Archaeological Model for Inter-Site Comparison

Hughes, Shana (PhD/MPH)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Risk and HIV-serodiscordant Couples in Porto Alegre, Brazil: "Normal" Life and the Semantic Quarantine

Johnson, Ginger (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Framing Violence: The Hidden Suffering and Healing of Sudan's 'Lost Girls' in Cairo, Egypt

Kelley, Caitlin (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Ten Thousand Years of Prehistory on Ocheesee Pond, Northwest Florida. Archaeological Investigations on the Keene Family Land, Jackson County

McCormick, David (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Exploring Potential Applications of Portable X-ray Fluorescence on Earthen Materials

Mihok, Lorena (PhD)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Unearthing Augusta: Landscapes of Royalization on Roatán Island, Honduras

Murray, Elizabeth (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Fertile Ground for a Social Movement: Social Capital in Direct Agriculture Marketing

Myers, Catherine (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Constructing a Healthcare Assets Map in Rural Appalachia: An Analysis of Healthcare Services and Perceived Health Threats

Pena, Jose (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Pottery Production during the Late Horizon in the Huancabamba Valley, Cajamarca – Peru

Perrett, Allison (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Cultivating Local: Building a Local Food System in Western North Carolina

Sabogal, Mabel (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Community Arts in the Lives of Disadvantaged African American Youth: Educating for Wellness and Cultural Praxis

Saccente (Rogers), Julie (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Archaeology of the Early Eighteenth-Century Spanish Fort San José, Northwest Florida

Sams, Kelley (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: The Elimination of Blindness: An Ethnographic Exploration of the Fight Against Trachoma in Niger

Schieffer, Adam (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Archaeological Site Distribution in the Apalachicola/Lower Chattahoochee River Valley of Northwest Florida, Southwest Georgia, and Southeast Alabama

Simms, Jason (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Turning Water into Wine: The Political Economy of the Environment in Southern California's Wine Country

Tewell, Mackenzie (MA/MPH)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: "When You Tell Them, Your Secret is Out There": Experiences of Sexuality and Intimacy among HIV Positive Black Women

Workman, Cassandra (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: A Critical Ethnography of Globalization in Lesotho, Africa: Syndemic Water Insecurity and the Micro-politics of Participation


Arney, Lance (PhD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum & Elizabeth Bird Elizabeth Bird
Title: Resisting Criminalization through Moses House: An Engaged Ethnography

Avery, Jennifer (PhD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Becoming the Corporate Native...Virtually: An Ethnography and Corporate Culture Assessment of a Virtual Organization

Baines, Kristina (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Good Men Grow Corn: Ecological Heritage and Health in a Belizean Mopan Community

Christensen, Janelle (PhD)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Hurricane Preparedness of Community-Dwelling Dementia Caregivers in South Florida

Cowherd, Robert (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: The Effects of Food Insecurity on Mental Wellbeing in Monteverde Costa Rica

Faas, Albert (PhD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Reciprocity and Development in Disaster-Induced Resettlement in Andean Ecuador

Gaither, Owen (MA)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: Learning Without Being Taught: A Look at How Schools, the Home and the Neighborhood Influence "Race" Conceptualization

Grace-McCaskey, Cynthia (PhD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Fishermen, Politics, and Participation: An Ethnographic Examination of Commercial Fisheries Management in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Harke, Ryan (MA)
Professor: Nancy White & Gregory Herbert
Title: Stable Isotope Analysis of Busycon sinistrum to Determine Fort Walton-Period Seasonality at St. Joseph Bay, Northwest Florida

Hébert, Marc (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird & Susan Greenbaum
Title: "People...Do Not Come with Standardized Circumstances": Toward A Model for an Anthropology of E-Government

Jeremiah, Rohan (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Interrogating Grenadian Masculinities and Violence Against Women: An Evaluation of the United Nations Partnership for Peace Program

Johnson, Lauren (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Selling Masculinity and Profiting from Marginality: Sex Work and Tourism in a Jamaican Resort Town

Kimble, Elicia (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Archaeological Survey and Testing on St. Vincent Island, Northwest Florida

LaForge, Travis (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Specialization in Small-Scale Societies: The Organization of Pottery Production at Kolomoki (9ER1), Early County, Georgia

Larsen, Gina (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen & Rebecca Zarger
Title: Specialization in Small-Scale Societies: The Organization of Pottery Production at Kolomoki (9ER1), Early County, Georgia

Lawrence, Victoria (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Studying Socioeconomic Trends through Cemetery Sales Records: A Case Study of Greenwood Cemetery, Orlando, Florida

Mael, Adrienne (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Program Evaluation: An NGO's Attempt to use Volunteerism to Promote Community Development

Martinez, Vanessa (MA)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Schooling, Community, and Identity: The Perspectives of Muslim Girls Attending an Islamic School in Florida

McGinnis, Kara (MA/MPH)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: "You have to have children to be happy:" Exploring Beliefs About Reproduction with Burmese Refugee Women in the United States

McNab, Philip (MA/MPH)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: "Planting Wholesome Seeds": Organic Farming and Community Supported Agriculture at Sweetwater Organic Community Farm

Mervis, Brett (PhD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum & Elizabeth Bird
Title: Wrecking recreational center relationships: How policy affects urban youth in Tampa, Florida

Morris, Jamae (PhD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Beyond Practice and Constraint: Toward Situating Female Sexual Agency on St. Croix, USVI

O'Sullivan, Rebecca (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: Out of the Land of Forgetfulness: Archaeological Investigations at Bulow Plantation (8FL7), Flagler County, Florida

Owens , D. (PhD)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar & Roberta Baer
Title: Nature's Classroom: An Ethnographic Case Study of Environmental Education

Parr, Amanda (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Parental Leave: Policy and Practice

Rapp, Mackenzie (MA/MPH)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Occupational Stressors Among Providers of HIV Prevention and Support Services

Stewart-Campbell, Rachel (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Perceived Barriers for Implementing Primary Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention Programs for Adolescents in the Tampa Bay Area

Syvertsen, Jennifer (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Love and Risk: Intimate Relationships among Female Sex Workers who Inject Drugs and their Non-Commercial Partners in Tijuana, Mexico

Woodward, Deena (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Paleo-Indian to Spanish Occupation around Choctawhatchee Bay, Northwest Florida, as Documented in a Private Artifact Collection


Ahmed, Naheed (MA/MPH)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Contextualizing HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Programs in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Brelsford, Kathleen (PhD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: "Not If, but When": Sex, Risk, and Trust in Timing Gardasil Vaccine Decisions An Exploratory Study among Healthcare Providers and Middle-Class Parents in the U.S.

Danforth, Elizabeth (PhD)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Adolescence is an Ocean: A Biocultural Investigation of Youth Food Consumption in Tanzania

Darley, Zaida (MA)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar
Title: The Dirt on Prehispanic Water Management at Palmarejo, Honduras

Dickey, Nathaniel (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: More than "Modern Day Slavery": Stakeholder Perspectives and Policy on Human Trafficking in Florida

Dotson, Meryle (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Postnatal Dental Mineralization: a Comparative Analysis of Dental Development Among Contemporary Populations of the Southeastern United States

Du Vernay, Jeffrey (PhD)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: The Archaeology of Yon Mound and Village, Middle Apalachicola River Valley, Northwest Florida

Estabrook, Richard (PhD)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Social Landscapes of Transegalitarian Societies: An analysis of the chipped stone artifact assemblage from the Crystal River site (8CI1), Citrus

Figueroa, Alejandro (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: The Clash of Heritage and Development on the Island of Roatán, Honduras

Futch, Jana (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Historical Archaeology of the Pine Level Site (8DE14), DeSoto County, Florida

Goodwin, Whitney (MA)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar
Title: Archaeology and Indigeneity, Past and Present: A View from the Island of Roatán,Honduras

Hasemann, José (MA/MPH)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Dengue Fever in Tegucigalpa, Honduras: Use of the Explanatory Model in a Sample of Urban Neighborhoods to Contextualize and Define Dengue Fever Among Community Participants

Hein, Vanessa (MA)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: Using Multi-Paradigmatic Interventions: Gauging the Possibilities of Using Culturally Responsive Pedagogy within a Response to Intervention Framework

McVey, Shannon (MA)
Professor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Title: A House But Not A Home? Measuring "Householdness" in the Daily Lives of Monticello's "Nail Boys"

Nguema Ndong, Arland (PhD)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: Investigating the Role of the Internet in Women and Minority STEM Participation: A Case Study of Two Florida Engineering Programs

Novicki, Emily (MA/MPH)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Evaluating the Get Into Fitness Today (GIFT) Program: Weight Loss and the Roles of Education and Empowerment

O'Brien, Matthew (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Nearer, My Farm, to Thee: A Spatial Analysis of African American Settlement Patterns in Hillsborough County, Florida

Porter, Claire (PhD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: The Maghreb Maquiladora: Gender, Labor, and Socio-Economic Power in a Tunisian Export Processing Zone

Raxter, Michelle (PhD)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Egyptian Body Size: A Regional and Worldwide Comparison

Stack, Margaret (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: An Archaeological and Archival Appraisal of "Spanish Indians" on the West Coast of Florida in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Szelag, Barbara (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Growing Up with HIV: Disease Management among Perinatally Infected Adolescents

Taylor, Carylanna (PHD)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Shaping Topographies of Home: A Political Ecology of Migration

Valliappan, Poonam (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: People in Between: The Value of Life Stories in Exploring the Needs of Colombian Asylum Seekers

Vindrola Padros, Cecilia (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Life and Death Journeys: Medical Travel, Cancer, and Children in Argentina


Bowers, Robert (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Evaluation Assessment of Metropolitan Ministries "Uplift U™" Program and Preliminary Analysis of Collected Data

Callejas, Linda (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Contemporary Afro-Cuban Voices in Tampa: Reclaiming Heritage in "America's Next Greatest City"

Cintrón-Moscoso, Federico (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Articulating Social Change in Puerto Rico: Environmental Education as a Model for Youth Socio-Political Development and Community-Led School Reform

Davis, Ryan (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Fireproofing the Lawn: Reclaimed Water and Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Tampa Bay

Doying, Annette (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Differentiation of Labor-Related Activity by Means of Musculoskeletal Markers

Echazabal, Cristina (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Life in the Florida Everglades: Bioarchaeology of the Miami One Site

Freund, Kyle (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Lithic Technology and Obsidian Exchange Networks in Bronze Age Sardinia, Italy (ca. 1600–850 B.C.)

Harris, Lauren (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Migration, Education, and Health Policy: A Closer Look into the Reasons Behind Poor Health Outcomes in Rural Ecuador

Johnson, Melissa (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Contextualizing Obesity among Latino Farmworkers: A Critical Analysis of Structural and Cultural Processes Affecting Farmworker Health and Nutrition in Central Florida

Johnson, Bernard (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum & Graham Tobin
Title: Towards Understanding Water Conservation Behavior in Southwest Florida: The Role of Cultural Models

Kline, Nolan (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: The Aggregated Influences of Poverty Impacting Dental Care Access and Oral Health among Migrant Farmworkers in Tampa, Florida

Lewis, Keona (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: African American Athletes and the Negotiation of Public Spaces: An Examination of Athletic Capital and African American Perceptions of Success

Maes, Kathleen (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Toward an Applied Anthropology of GIS: Spatial Analysis of Adolescent Childbearing in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, Florida

Nettleton, Jodi (PHD)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Down, But Not Out: An Ethnographic Study of Women Who Struggled With and Overcame Methamphetamine Addiction

Pedraza, Jennifer (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Assessment of "Community Stepping Stones," a Community-Based Youth Art Education Program

Pope, Melissa (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: Differential Decomposition Patterns Of Human Remains In Variable Environments Of The Midwest

Rothenberg, Kara (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Multi-Elemental Chemical Analysis of Anthropogenic Soils as a Tool for Examining Spatial Use Patterns at Prehispanic Palmarejo, Northwest Honduras

Season, Samantha (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: An Assessment of Microevolutionary Change among Prehistoric Florida Populations through the Analysis of Craniometric Data

Setzer, Teddi (PHD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Malaria in Prehistoric Sardinia (Italy): An Examination of Skeletal Remains from the Middle Bronze Age

Winn, Alisha (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Beyond the Business: Social and Cultural Aspects of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company


Anderson, Casey (MA)
Professor: Erin Kimmerle
Title: GIS Spatial Analysis of Multiple Scenes in Criminal Homicides

April, Buffington (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Creek/Seminole Archaeology in the Apalachicola River Valley, Northwest Florida

Churchill, Elizabeth (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Integrating Rural Cambodian Villagers' Perspectives into Monitoring and Evaluation Protocols for an NGO's Water and Sanitation Program

Cooper, Elizabeth (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford & David Himmelgreen
Title: Hunger of the Body, Hunger of the Mind: The Experience of Food Insecurity in Rural, Non-Peninsular Malaysia

Dixon, Maressa (MA)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: African American Perceptions of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and High School Graduation

Karnyski, Margaret (PHD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Ethnomedical and Biomedical Health Care and Healing Practices Among the Rathwa Adivasi of Kadipani Village, Gujarat State, India

Lind, Jason (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: The Political Ecology of Intestinal Parasites Among Nicaraguan Immigrants in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Mitu, Mst Khadija (MA)
Professor: Heide Castañeda
Title: Giving Birth in a Different Country: Bangladeshi Immigrant Women's Childbirth Experiences in the U.S.

Nakanishi, Aki (MA)
Professor: Ken Williamson
Title: Facilitating Youth Participatory Action Research Reflections: Strategies and Applications at the Institute for Community Research

Padros, Cecilia (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: The Participation of NGOs In Healthcare: The Case Of Pediatric Cancer Treatment In Argentina

Puccia, Ellen (PHD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: For neither Love nor Money: Gender, Sexuality, and Tourism in Costa Rica

Radwan, Chad (MA)
Professor: John Napora & Kevin Yelvington
Title: Assessing Druze Identity and Strategies for Preserving Druze Heritage in North America

Ritzheimer, Alex (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Agriculture and Tampa Bay News: How Do Local News Media Frame Agribusiness?

Scudder-Temple, Kelley (PHD)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: An Absence Of Presence: The Voices Of Marginalized Communities In The Development And Implementation Of Cultural Resource Management Initiatives In The British West Indies: A Case Study

Smith, Chrystal (PHD)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal & David Himmelgreen
Title: Living with Sugar: Socioeconomic Status and Cultural Beliefs About Type 2 Diabetes Among Afro-Caribbean Women


Besterman-Dahan, Karen (PHD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Cultural Factors and Concepts of Pollution: Colorectal Cancer and Health Behaviors among Ashkenazi Jewish Women

Dyer, Karen (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: From cancer to sexually transmitted infection: Explorations of social stigma among cervical cancer survivors

Ford, EJ (PHD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Life on the Campaign Trail: The Political Anthropology of Local Politics

Helmy, Hannah (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: "This Isn't Like Diphtheria, You Know?": The Sociocultural Context of Human Papillomavirus Immunization, Potential Mandates, and Narratives of Risk Among Mothers

Klinger, Will (MA)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar
Title: Quebrada Communities in the Palmarejo Valley, Northwest Honduras

Kuzin, James (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Creative City and Fields of Cultural Production: Ethnographic Perspectives of "the arts" in Tampa

Lai, Luca (PHD)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: The Interplay of Economic, Climatic and Cultural Change Investigated Through Isotopic Analyses of Bone Tissue: The Case of Sardinia 4000-1900 BC

Menard, Janelle (PHD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: The Social Context of Cervical Cancer Knowledge and Prevention Among Haitian Immigrant Women

Nodarse, Jaime (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Access to Health Care Services: A Case Study in Hillsborough County, Florida

Peterson, Caroline (PHD)
Professor: Lorena Madrigal
Title: Socio-Cultural Risk Factors for Breech Presentation

Reeser, Doug (MA)
Professor: Rebecca Zarger
Title: Gardens at Home, Gardens at School: Diet and Food Crop Diversity in Two Q'eqchi' Communities in Southern Belize

Shahramfar, Gabrielle (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Determining Fort Walton Burial Patterns and Their Relationship within the Greater Mississippian World

Silpa, Felicia (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Historical Archaeology Research Designs for Gamble Plantation, Ellenton, Florida

Spaulding, Ashley (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Race, Class, and Real Estate: Neoliberal Policies in a "Mixed Income" Neighborhood

Tyler, William (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: The Paleoindian Chipola: A Site Distribution Analysis and Review of Collector Contributions in the Apalachicola River Valley, Northwest Florida

Tyson, Dinorah (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: The Social Context of Stress and Social Support Among Immigrant Latinas Diagnosed with Breast Cancer


Ambiee, Jess (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Examining Physicians' Motivations to Volunteer: An Applied Visual Anthropological Approach

Arney, Lance (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Political Pedagogy and Art Education With Youth in a Street Situation in Salvador, Brazil: An Ethnographic Evaluation of the Street Education Program of Projeto Axé

Butler, David (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: An Urban Model of Applied Preservation

Carrion, Iraida (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: End of Life Issues Among Hispanics/Latinos: Studying the Utilization of Hospice Services by the Hispanic/Latino Community

Chow, Sherman (MA/MPH)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: "Either You Conquer It, or It Conquers You": An Applied Anthropological Approach to Veterans with a Spinal Cord Injury

Collins, Lori (PHD)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Understanding and Closing the Gaps: A GAP Approach Linking Archaeology and Land Acquisition Strategies

Doering, Travis (PHD)
Professor: Robert Tykot & Christian Wells
Title: An Unexplored Realm in the Heartland of the Southern Gulf Olmec: Investigations at El Marquesillo, Veracruz, Mexico

Haag, Allyson (MA)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: Comprehensive School Reform in the Wake of No Child Left Behind: Teacher Perceptions in Dodgeland

Hawken, James (MA)
Professor: Christian Wells
Title: Socio-Natural Landscapes in the Palmarejo Valley, Honduras

Heppner, Rebekah (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: A Paradox of Diversity: Billions Invested, But Women Still Leave

Hose, Linda (PHD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: The Pedagogy and Politics of Online Education in Anthropology

Hunsecker, Jennifer (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: High-Stakes Testing in Florida: Media Portrayals and Parental Realities

Morris, Jamae (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Between Knowledge & Practice: Factors that Influence the Operationalization of Sexual Health Knowledge in African American Female College Students

Nelson, Robert (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: The Right to Health: Conflicting Paradigms of Health as Commodity vs. Health as Human Right

Novotny, Claire (MA)
Professor: Karla Davis-Salazar
Title: Forging Social Identities through Style: Elite Interaction and Identity Formation at Late Classic (AD 650-900) Palmarejo, Northwest Honduras

Porter, Noah (PHD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Real Challenges, Virtual Challengers: The Democracy for America Movement

Spillane, Courtney (MA)
Professor: Antoinette Jackson
Title: Reconstructing the Past: Heritage Research and Preservation Activities in Tampa Bay Communities

Tucker, Joan (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: Local Strategies in a Global Network: Disability Rights Advocacy in Jamaica

Yuellig, Amber (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Fort Walton Ceramics in the Perry Collection, Apalachicola Valley, Northwest Florida


Bennett, Kory (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Developing an Anthropology Curriculum for High School: A Case Study from Durant High School, Hillsborough County, Florida

Bretnall, Ann (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: Establishing a Farmers Market for a Low-Income Latino Community

Carrier, Toni (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Trade and Plunder Networks During the Second Seminole War in Florida, 1835-1842

Contreras, Ricardo (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: Promotoras of the U.S.-Mexico Border: An Ethnographic Study of Culture Brokerage, Agency, and Community Development

Freidus, Andrea (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza, Linda Whiteford
Title: Cuidate: Tourism, Drugs, Sex and HIV among Young People in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Grammer, Scott (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Prehistoric Human Subsistence Patterns in Northern Patagonia, Argentina: Isotopic Evidence for Reconstructing Diet

Harris, Rochelle (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: The Cost of Professionalization: A Case Study of Osteopathic Medicine in the United States

Hathaway, Wendy (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: "Ethnographizing" Service-Learning: Creating Politically Engaged Anthropology

McBride, Lawrence (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Professional Wrestling, Embodied Morality, and Altered States of Consciousness

Ohlinger, Nadine (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: "They Say This Clinic is for Migrants": Cultural Sensitivity in a Rural Health Center

Reed, Joel (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: HIV/AIDS Workplace Interventions in South Africa and the United States

Tobin, Sarah (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Microfinance in Neoliberal Times: The Experience of an Egyptian NGO

Yankovsky, Shelly (MA)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: Mental Health Services in Tampa, Florida


Amador, Edgar (MA)
Professor: Trevor Purcell
Title: Globalization, Ecotourism, and Development. in the Monte Verde Zone, Costa Rica

Archambeault, Marie (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Sourcing of marble used in mosaics at Antioch (Turkey)

Avery, Jennifer (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: "Studying Up" in Tampa Bay: Globalization and Business Elites

Bell, Christine (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Investigating Second Seminole War Sites in Florida: Identification Through Limited Testing

Brown, Connie (MA)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: Mapping a Generation: Oral History Research in Sulphur Springs, FL

Collins, John (MA)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Efforts to Promote Tourism as a Catalyst for Urban Redevelopment in Florida: Insights from the Anthropology of Tourism and an Annotated Bibliography

Driscoll, Kelly (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: An Archaeological Study of Architectural Form and Function at Indian Key, Florida

Duque-Páramo, Maria (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: Colombian Immigrant Children in the United States: Representations of Food and the Process of Creolization

Earnest, Tray (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: The History and Results of Archaeological Investigations at 1Cv32, the Mitchell Site, in Covington County Alabama

Eyles, Eric (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Prehistoric Shell Artifacts from the Apalachicola River Valley Area, Northwest Florida

Harper, Maya (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: The Tampa Heights Greenprinting Initiative: An Attempt at Community Building Through Park Revitalization

Hockersmith, Kelly (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Apalachicola's Gold: Archaeology and History of Tupelo Honey Production in Northwest Florida

Kelly, Jennifer (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Stable Isotope Evidence for Maize Consumption

Klugh, Elgin (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: African American Schoolhouses: Community, History, and Reclamation

Lafrenz, Kathryn (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: The Source of the Elephant and Hippopotamus Ivory from the 14th Century B.C. Uluburun Shipwreck: the Archaeological, Historical, and Isotopic Evidence

Lamb, Lisa (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Historical Archaeology of the Indian Key (8MO15) Warehouse: An Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Ceramics

Levine, Cheryl (PHD)
Professor: Kevin Yelvington
Title: Mediating the Model: Women's Microenterprise and Microcredit in Tobago, West Indies

Milne, James (PHD)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Weblogs and the Technology Lifecycle: Context, Geek-Chic and Personal Community

Nettleton, Jodi (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: HIV Testing Services Offered to Incarcerated Women in a Florida County Jail

Poehlman, Jon (PHD)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Community Participation and Consensus in HIV/AIDS Prevention: An Exploration of the Suzgo, the Issues of AIDS in Malawi

Rahim-Williams, Bridgett (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: African American Women with Type 2 Diabetes: Understanding Self-Management

Rodriguez, Nelson (MA)
Professor: Nancy White
Title: Contact/Mission Period and Depopulation in the Apalachicola River Valley, Northwest Florida

Sato, Chisaki (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Social and Behavioral Aspect of Mother's Health Behaviors and Neonatal Health: Risk Factor Analysis of Neonatal Septicemia in Urban Slums of Muntinlupa, Philippines

Setzer, Teddi (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Use-Wear Experiments with Sardinian Obsidian: Determining its Function in the Neolithic

Stephanie, Melton (MA)
Professor: David Himmelgreen
Title: The Impact of Social Support and Culture on Adolescents with Diabetes Mellitus


Bridden, Carly (MA)
Title: Assessing the Needs of Hispanic Female VA Employees for a Workplace Wellness Program

Cuenca, Kirsten (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Comparison of Diet and Nutrient Intake of Two Ethnically-Different Elderly Populations

Curtis, Kelley (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird, Brent Weisman
Title: Designing interactive multimedia for the Anthropology Exhibit Gallery

Godwin, Jonathan (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Film in the Classroom: Toward a More Effective Pedagogy

Junco, Brenda (PhD)
Title: Identity and Chronic Illness: Kidney Disease and Quality of Life

Lee, Mark (MA)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: Improvement in a Migrant School: An Ethnographic Inquiry

McEwen, Brian (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: An Action Anthropology Perspective on Change in a Leadership Development Organization

O'Connor, Danielle (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Comida Sin Frijoles No Es Comida: Evaluation of a Type 2 Diabetes Education Program for Latinos

Porter, Noah (MA)
Title: Falun Gong in the United States: An Ethnographic Study

Quinn, Earl (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: An Examination and Analysis of the Cultural Resources Management Habitat: Navigating the Governmental Labyrinth in Pinellas County, Florida

Sykes, Alexis (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Signs of Life: Rediscovering Nineteenth Century Indian Key Through Glass Analysis

Smith, Wilma (PHD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: The Effects of Workplace Support on the Career Paths of Professional African-American Women in the Corporate Employment Sector

Vargo, Barbara (MA)
Professor: Robert Tykot
Title: Characterization of Obsidian Sources in Pantelleria, Italy

Von Trapp, Carolena (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Parental Involvement at Creative Clay, a Community Arts Center


Barber, Jessica (MA)
Professor: Kathryn Borman
Title: Think Youth Opportunity: An Ethnographic Look into the Youth Opportunity Initiative in Tampa

Brathwaite, Renee (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Making News: An Ethnographic Study of Public Radio Newsroom Practices

Collins, Lori (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Positively Fourth Street: Historical archaeology at Indian Key Historic State Park

Diers, Amanda (MA)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Citizen Lobby: An Anthropologist's Journey into Government

Fitts, Mary (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Zetrouer Burial Restudy

Francisco, Leilani (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Power Through Unity: An Exploration of Knowledge, Action, and Social Networking Among Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Agencies in Panama

Gayles, Jonathan (PHD)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Five Case Studies of Achievement: Meaning, Identity and Performance

Myers, Alison (MA)
Professor: Elizabeth Bird
Title: Cultural Drivers in a Product Design and Development Unit

Rosenberg, Judith (PhD)
Title: The Experience of College Students with Learning Disabilities

Sarkis, Marianne (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: The Roles and Challenges of NGO's and NPO's Working on the Eradication of FGC: The Nocirc Case Study

Stone, John (PhD)
Professor: Alvin Wolfe
Title: Public Participation in Environmental Management: Seeking Participatory Equity through Ethnographic Inquiry

Tucker, Lisa (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: A New Interpretation of the Old: Indigenous Geography at Weedon Island, FL

Van Auken, Robin (MA)
Title: East Blockhouse at Fort Mackinac, Michigan

Wright, Alva (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Nutrition and Cancer Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Economically Disadvantaged Latinos in Hillsborough County, Florida


Bachman, Karen
Title: Garbage and the Potential for Recycling in the Local Schools

Barcelona, Deanna (MA)
Title: Vocational Rehabilitation in Florida: An Anthropological Perspective of the Employment of People with Disabilities

Butler, David (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: An Archaeological Model of Seminole Combat Behavior

Deitrick, Lynn (PhD)
Title: Supporting the Mother: A Preliminary Evaluation of the Central Hillsborough Healthy Start Doula Program

Del Monte, Kathleen (PhD)
Title: An Analysis of Policy Implementation: Stakeholder Participation on School Advisory Councils in a Florida School District

Detres, Maridelys (MA)
Title: Promoting Health Among Farmworker Women: A Facilitator's Guide for Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention

Feldman, Shari (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Revitalization and Preservation of the Marti-Maceo Society in Ybor City, Florida

Greenberg, Yael (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Identifying Patterns of Intra-Cultural Development: Jewish Merchants in Ybor City 1891-2001

Hansen, Elizabeth (MA)
Professor: Trevor Purcell
Title: An Evaluation of the Community Participation Policy of the EPA's Superfund Program: An Anthropological Perspective

Khan-Gordon, Karuna (MA)
Professor: Trevor Purcell
Title: A Study of Social and Cultural Issues Affecting Medical Compliance Among Elderly Cuban Immigrants Residing at the JL Young Garden Apartments

Kolianos, Phylllis (MA)
Title: Florida Journals of Frank Hamilton Cushing 1895-1896 and Related Manuscripts

McCourt, Bridget (MA)
Title: The Implementation of Everyday Mathematics: An Anthropological Investigation

McIntosh, Thomas III (MA)
Professor: Brent Weisman
Title: Diachronic Variation in Late Archaic Lithic Technology at the Big Tree Site, Allendale County, South Carolina

Nichols, Janice (PhD)
Professor: Roberta Baer
Title: Middle Aged and Older Adults with HIV Disease: Health, Mental Health, and Social Issues

Onjoro, Elizabeth (PhD)
Title: The Integration of Knowledges in Development: The Relative Authority of Western and Indigenous Knowledge in Traditional Birth Attendants Health Practice in Rural Kenya

Overcash, Janine (PhD)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: Narrative in Understanding the Elements Affecting the Lives of Older Women with Breast Cancer

Schumann, Christiana (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Loss and Disillusionment: Short Term Effects of Evacuation in the Mt. Tungurahua Area, Ecuador

Shively, Nora (MA)
Professor: Michael Angrosino
Title: The Caregiver's Perspective on Appointment Keeping in an Outpatient, Pediatric HIV Clinic

Smith, Shelly (MA)
Title: A Network Analysis of Collaboration through the University of South Florida's Collaborative for Children, Families and Communities

Stoffle, Brent (PhD)
Professor: Trevor W. Purcell
Title: : "We Don't Put All Our Eggs in One Basket": An Examination of Meeting Turn, a Rotating Savings and Credit Association in Barbados

Pearlman, Jessica (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: Model of Poverty Alleviation in Florida's Welfare Transition Program

Primo, John (MA)
Professor: Susan Greenbaum
Title: A Qualitative Analysis: Implications for Community Participation in Lake Management, Hillsborough County, Florida

Thompson, Trina (MA)
Title: Ethnographic Description of the Alzheimer's Disease Initiative Program

Vargo, Amy (MA)
Professor: Nancy Romero-Daza
Title: Sexual Risk-Taking and Premature Pregnancy in Hillsborough County, Florida: An Evaluation of Prevention Efforts

Ward, Beverly (PhD)
Title: You Can't Get There on the Bus": An Analysis of Ethnicity, Gender, Race, and Work in Transportation Research

Wijensinha, Shyanika (MA)
Professor: Linda Whiteford
Title: Conduction Evaluation in Community Health Programs: Applying Anthropology in the Prevention Marketing Initiative

Woods-Brown, Leslie (PhD)
Title: Ethnographic Study of Homeless Mentally Ill Persons: Single Homeless Adults and Homeless Families


Brown, Matthew
Title: Applications of Anthropology in the Managements of Fire in the South Warner Wilderness

Burroughs, Ericka
Title: Robert William Saunders and a Memoir of the Civil Rights Movement in Florida

Chen, Baichan
Title: Public Involvement in Transportation Planning: Preparing for the Transit Development Plan in Charlotte County, Florida

Ford, Edward
Title: The Governed and Governance: The Evaluation of a Strategy to Improve Services Offered to Communities

Gomez, Angela
Title: Designing and Interpreting a Case Study Using an Anthropological Perspective

Hagen, Guy
Title: The Technology Deployment Center: Communication and Organization for Economic Development and Technology Transfer

Hining, Jessica
Title: Child Abuse Prevention: A Guide to Development

Kranendonk, Barbara
Title: Married and Making a Living: Relationships in the Work Life of Married Couples Owning Small Franchise Businesses in the United States

Maes, Kathleen
Title: Community Based Needs Assessment: A Study of Health, Education, Social Services, and Community Well-Being Programs in East Hillsborough County, Florida

Miller-Shaivitz, Patricia
Title: The Feasibility of Assembling a Contemporary Human Skeletal Collection for Forensic Anthropological Education and Research

Mitchell, Scott
Title: The Importance of Aquatic Resources at Five Archaeological Sites in the Okeechobee Region of South Florida

Peredo, Cecilia
Title: An Anthropological Assessment of the Effect of Medicaid Managed Care on the Maternal and Child Health Delivery System in Hillsborough County

Simpson, Terrance
Title: Prehistoric Settlement Patterns in the Apalachicola River Valley: A GIS (Geographic Information System) Approach

Sugg, Catherine
Title: Relocation Case Study and Evaluation of Displaced Tenants in Two Mobile Home Parks


Causey, Philip
Title: The Development of a Cultural Resource Management Plan for the Disney Wilderness Preserve, Kissimmee, Florida

Claggett, Heather
Title: New Interpretations of Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Occupation in the Interior of Florida's Central Gulf Coast

Conklin, Marianne
Title: A Community Organization's Impact on the Educational Achievement of African-American Students; Understanding Barriers to Change

Habin, Ronald
Title: Quality Health Care for Poor People

Hardin, Jennifer
Title: Public Involvement, Transportation Planning, and Applied Anthropology Research: A Community-Based Needs Assessment for Additional Public Transportation in Sun City Center, Florida

Kammerer, Kristin
Title: Neighborhood Deterioration and Needs Assessment: Practical Contributions to Models of Neighborhood Change

Meadows, Richard Jr.
Title: Archaeological Investigations at the Baker Creek Site (8Hi5446): A Middle to Late Preceramic Archaic Occupation in the Hillsborough River Basin

Mohlman, Geoffrey
Title: Bibliography of Resources Concerning the African American Presence in Tampa, 1513-1995

Smith, Clifford Jr.
Title: Conservation of Cultural and Biological Remains: An Integral Part of the Archaeological Process Required to Preserve and Protect the Cultural Resources from the Emanuel Point Shipwreck

Smith, Karen
Title: The Hillsborough County Transportation Disadvantaged Program: An Anthropological Perspective on Program Implementation

Torp, Lyle
Title: Lithic Reduction, Group Mobility, and Settlement Along Cowhouse Creek, Hillsborough County, Florida


Anthony-Davis, Brenda
Title: Do Law Enforcement Agencies Equitably Serve and Protect all Communities?: An Ethnographic Study of Police Subculture in Tampa

Ellis, Jane
Title: Behavioral Enrichment for Captive Orangutans

Forbes, Thais
Title: Bioculturally Informed Health Promotion in Rural Jamaica

Garner, Michael
Title: An Archaeological Survey of the Oelsner Mounds Site

Kominski, Kathleen
Title: Investigation of Patients' Perceived Quality of Life (State of Well-Being and Life Satisfaction) After Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

Miller, Sharon
Title: Borderline Personality Disorders: An Anthropological Perspective

Onjoro, Elizabeth
Title: Introducing Formal Research to private Agencies: Incorporating Generative and Regulative Planning Strategies

Pappas, Susan
Title: Adaptive Strategies for Dominican Elderly

Perry, Wendy
Title: The Use of Focus Groups in the Evaluation of the Florida Outreach Childbirth Education Project

Rodriguez, Cheryl
Title: Microenterprise: Fighting Women's Poverty Through Economic Development Policy From the Select Committee on Hunger United States of Representatives

Salazar, Diego
Title: Folk Models and Household Ecology of Dengue Fever in an Urban Community of the Dominican Republic

Salmon, Patricia
Title: Women's Narratives: Living with HIV Disease

Scherer, Judith
Title: The Impact of State Legislation on Retirement Housing Management: Issues of Legitimacy

Scoggin, Angela
Title: Parental Health Seeking Behavior and Child Health Services in an Urban Chinese Setting

Sorrells, Patricia
Title: The Introduction of Water Buffaloes to the United States


Ballo, George
Title: Experiments in use-wear formation on stone tools made from Florida chert: A study supporting a microwear analysis of Paleo-Indian lithic artifacts from the Harney Flats site (8-Hi-507), Tampa, Florida

Bracken, William
Title: The Archaeological Investigation of the Telfair "Mound", 9Tf2, and Other Sites, in Telfair County, Georgia

Cannon, Robert
Title: A Survey of Catholic School Education

Estabrook, Richard
Title: Archaeological Excavations At The Ranch House Site (8-Hi-452) Hillsborough County, Florida

Hendon, Claude
Title: Evaluation of Nutrition Services for the Elderly

Hovath, Elizabeth
Title: The Archaeological Resources of Hernando County: A Site Location Predictive Model

Johnson, Marie-Ann
Title: Adoption Related Counseling Services In The Tampa Bay Area: A Needs Assessment

Johnson, William
Title: The Archaeology of the Green Swamp: A Predictive Model for a Swamp Environment

Kempton, Karen
Title: Archaeological Investigations At Old Mill Creek: An Early 19th Century Residence At The Straits of Mackinac

Kiefert, Virginia
Title: An Evaluation of a Childbirth Preparation Program Supporting a Bio-Social Model of Childbirth

Prentiss, William
Title: Archaeological Surface Scatter Variability on the Western Slope of the Bighorn Mountains of North Central Wyoming

Ryan, Susan
Title: Co-ops and Canneries: An Analysis of the Differential Success of Two Development Projects for Migrant Farmworkers in South Central Florida

Scoggin, Angela
Title: A Child Development Intervention Program For Hospitalized Children In Peru

Williams, Loretta
Title: An Ethnic Heritage Festival: A Feasibility Study For The City of Tampa, Florida


Anderson, Margaret
Title: Health and Disease in Southeast Asian Refugees

Bowman, Franklin
Title: The Use of Information Systems In Urban Planning And Administration; The Pinellas County Data Bank Survey Project As Example

English, Michael
Title: Applied Anthropology in Urban Planning: The City of Safety Harbor Municipal Comprehensive Plan

Freese, Ruth
Title: Archaeological Excavations of the Gardens and Interior Areas of Houses B and C of the Southeast Row House, Fort Michilimackinac, Michigan

Jones, Joe
Title: An Archaeological Site Location Predictive model for Marion County, Florida

LeVasseur, Andrea
Title: The Management of Marion County Archaeological Resources: A Guide for Non-Archaeologists

Nelson, Katherine
Title: Cognitive Mapping as a Tool to Effect Community Involvement

Pardee, Michael
Title: Applied Anthropology in Community Development Planning: The West Tampa Community Revitalization Project

Pullins, Martha
Title: Security and Confidentiality in a Computerized Information System

Pytynia, Ann
Title: Job Attitudes in a Bureaucracy

Rausch, Anna
Title: Report on the Intergenerational Program for Palm Harbor Day Care Center

Rom, Lance
Title: A Phase II Archaeological Assessment Survey of the Deltona Corporation's Tampa Palms Development in the Northern Hillsborough County, Florida

Rose, Donna
Title: Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill in HRS District V. Florida: Patient Profiles

Russel, Gayle
Title: Archaeology and Historic Preservation: A Guide to Compliance Procedures in the Tampa Bay Region

Seabury, Patricia
Title: Archaeological Monitoring: Its Use and Effectiveness

Seto, Peter Ho
Title: Mental Health Attitudes and Needs of Nursing Home Residents as Perceived by the Residents and Staff

Sopkin, James
Title: Aging, Advocacy and Anthropology: A Case Study

Walberg, Dale
Title: Youth as Wage Earning Members of Society

White, Vincent Jr.
Title: Variations in Organizational Goals and Objectives Within the Florida Mental Health Institute