Fiona Felker

PhD Student

Fiona Felker




  • M.S., Biological Defense, George Mason University
  • B.S., Biological Anthropology, Western Washington University
  • A.A., Associates in Arts, Green River Community College


Lorena Madrigal


Biological Anthropology, Infections Diseases, Vector Borne Diseases, Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Vaccination Policy, Health Inequities, Structural Violence, Public Health, Public Health Policy, Public Health Responses to Infectious Diseases, Immunology, and Sickle Cell Mutation.



  • Felker, F.M, King, K.J., Schaff, G., and Stevenson, J.C. (April 2011). Biology and Evolution of Art: Group Integrity and Pueblo Potter in the 20th Century. Poster presentation at the American Association of Physical Anthropology. Minneapolis, M.N.
  • Felker, F. M. (March, 2016). Will European Method of Reaching Out to Communities with A High Religious Population to Increase Vaccination Rates, Work for the Same Type of Communities in The U.S.? Poster Presentation at the Society of Applied Anthropology conference, Vancouver, B.C.
  • Felker, F., Guimarães-Paiva, S., De Nazaré Klautau-Guimarães, M., Silviene Fabiana De Oliveira, S.F., and Madrigal, L. (April, 2020). How HbAS and HbAC Heterozygotes Manifest Their Differences from HbAA Individuals at the Hemogram Level. Poster presentation at the American Association of Physical Anthropology. Virtual