Gabrielle Lehigh

PhD Student 

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  • M.A., Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida
  • B.A., Applied Anthropology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania


Daniel Lende


Natural Resource Extraction and Energy Production in Rural Appalachia, Community Development and Environmental Injustice, Harm Reduction and Benefit Enhancement Strategies for Recreational Psychedelic Use.


  • Forthcoming. Stakeholder Engagement. In The Palgrave Handbook of Global Sustainability (E.C. Wells, G.R. Lehigh, A.M. Vidmar)
  • 2020. Food Access in the Time of COVID-19: Reflections on the United States Food System During a Pandemic. In Practicing Anthropology 42(2) (J.N. Heuer, G.R. Lehigh, K. Díaz Serrano, N. Romero-Daza, and D. Himmelgreen)
  • 2020. Diversity Improves Design: Sustainable Place-Making in a Suburban Tampa Bay Brownfield Neighborhood. In Case Studies in Suburban Sustainability (E.C. Wells, G.R. Lehigh, S. Combs, and M. Ballogg)
  • 2020. Evidence-Informed Strategies for Promoting Equitability in Brownfields Redevelopment. In Journal of Environmental Management (G.R. Lehigh, E.C. Wells, and D. Diaz)
  • 2018. Community Capacity Building, Environmental Justice and Brownfield Redevelopment: A Case Study of Harvest Hope Park, Tampa (Master's Thesis, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL) (G.R. Lehigh)
  • 2013. Cultural Study of Current Issues Surrounding the Homer City Power Plant (Undergraduate Honor's Thesis, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA) (G.R. Lehigh)