William Webb

PhD Student

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  • PhD Candidate – Applied Anthropology - University of South Florida, Tampa FL
  • MS – Marine and Environmental Science – University of the Virgin Islands, St Thomas, USVI
  • BS – Psychology – Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Fellowship Award: NSF Strong Coasts National Research Traineeship Recipient


Christian Wells and Rebecca Zarger.

Research Interests

Science and Technology Studies, Watewater Infrastructure, and the Caribbean.


Peer Reviewed

  • 2020. Anthropology of Water Infrastructures. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology (OREA) Journal. (In Press) (E.C. Wells, M.J. Wakhungu, W.A. Webb)
  • 2020. “If at Least the Patient Could Not Be Forgotten About”: Communication in the Emergency Department as Predictor of Patient Satisfaction. Journal of Patient Experience. (S. Villalona, C. Boxtha, W.A. Webb, C. Cervantes, JW Wilson)
  • 2020. “I Felt Invisible Most of the Time”: Communication and satisfaction among Patients treated in emergency department hallway beds. American Journal of Emergency Medicine. (S. Villalona, C. Cervantes, C. Boxtha, W.A. Webb, J.W. Wilson)
  • 2019. Minimizing Variability in Interpretation Modality Among Spanish-Speaking Patients with Limited English Proficiency. Hispanic Health Care International. (S. Villalona, C. Jeannot, Y.M. Yuncosa, W.A. Webb, C. Boxtha, J.W. Wilson)
  • 2019. Wastewater Technopolitics on the South Coast of Belize. Economic Anthropology 6(2) (E.C. Wells, W.A. Webb, C.M. Prouty, R.K. Zarger, M.A. Trotz, L.M. Whiteford, and J.R. Mihelcic)
  • 2018. Semantic Knowledge Network Inference Across a Range of Stakeholders and Communities of Practice. Environmental Modelling and Software (K.A. Alexandridis, S. Takemura, W.A. Webb, B. Lauche, J. Culter, and T. Sato)
  • 2013. Community Perspectives on Sustainability and Resilience within a Social-Ecological Paradigm (Master’s Thesis, University of the Virgin Islands, St Thomas, UVI) (W.A. Webb)

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