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Intersection between critical medical anthropology and clinical emergency medicine, structural determinants of health, health equity

Anthropology Related Publications

Wilson, JW, Baer, RD, and Villalona SK. Patient Shadowing: An Integral Research Method, Teaching Tool for Premedical Undergraduates and Approach to Student Professional Development. Academic Medicine. ePublished Ahead of Print July 16, 2019. November 2019 94(11):1722-1727.  PMID 31335819 

Villalona, S, Jeannot, C, Yanez, M, Webb, W, Boxtha, C, and Wilson, JW. Minimizing Variability in Interpretation Modality Among Spanish Speaking Patients with Limited English Proficiency. Hispanic Health Care International. 2019 July 20. PMID: 31220928 

Villalona, S, Wilson, JW, Boxtha, C, Cervantes, C, & Webb, W. “I Felt Invisible Most of the Time”. Communication and Satisfaction Among Patients Treated in ED Hallway Beds. Published Online American Journal of Emergency Medicine on May 4, 2020. PMID 3247563 

Villalona, S, Boxtha, C, Cervantes, C, Webb, W, Casteneda, H, and Wilson, JW. “If at Least the Patient Could Not Be Forgotten About. Accepted (August 15, 2020) to Journal of Patient Experience.

Villalona, S, Boxtha, C, Cervantes, C, Webb, W, Casteneda, H, and Wilson, JW. Discordance Between Satisfaction and Health Literacy Among Spanish-Speaking Patients with Limited English-Proficiency Seeking Emergency Department Care. Accepted with Revision (May 12, 2020) to Hispanic Health Care International.  

Henderson, Heather and Wilson, Jason. Evolving Epidemiologies: Perceptions fo Stigma and Access to Care in Acute Opioid Crisis. ABD: An Interdisciplinary Student Journal. Volume 5. 2018.


University of South Florida

ANT4495 Research in Patient-Physician Interactions, IDH4490 Research Methods in Medical Anthropology and Clinical Research, Summer Research Symposium in Emergency Medicine, MDR8000 Research in Emergency Medicine.  

University of Michigan

Head Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), ANTHROBIO 161 Biological Anthropology; GSI: ANTHRBIO 365 Human Evolution, ANTHRBIO 479 Human Evolution, ANTHRBIO 473 Human Adaptation; ANTHRBIO 364 Evolution of Nutrition