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Roberta Baer


Implementation of anthropology directly into clinical spaces to create new assemblages and patient care pathways, Intersection between critical medical anthropology and clinical emergency medicine, structural determinants of health, health equity

Anthropology Related Publications


Wilson, JW and Baer, R. Clinical Anthropology 2.0. The Patient Experience: Medical Anthropology and Education in the 21st Century. Completed. Release date January 2022. Lexington books, Lexington Books, Rowman-Littlefield Publishers.


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Villalona, S, Wilson, JW, Boxtha, C, Cervantes, C, & Webb, W. “I Felt Invisible Most of the Time”. Communication and Satisfaction Among Patients Treated in ED Hallway Beds. Published Online American Journal of Emergency Medicine on May 4, 2020. PMID 3247563 

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Wilson, JW, Baer, RD, and Villalona SK. Patient Shadowing: An Integral Research Method, Teaching Tool for Premedical Undergraduates and Approach to Student Professional Development. Academic Medicine. ePublished Ahead of Print July 16, 2019. November 2019 94(11):1722-1727.  PMID 31335819 


Magrath, P, Guerra Reyes, L, Wilson, JW, Edberg, M. Reimagining Anthropological Engagements with the Health Sciences in the Covid 19 Era: What Can We Offer? Round Table 3-2011. Presented at the American Anthropological Association, Baltimore, Maryland. November 19, 2021.

Wilson, JW, Baer, R. Fostering “good” medicine by shifting the clinical gaze: Improving patient centered care by integrating medical anthropology into physician training and clinical spaces. Panel 7. Enhancing ways of knowing. Radical Health. Doing Medicine, Health Care, and Anthropology of the Good. Berlin, Germany (Virtual). June 27, 2021.

Gopal, J, Wallach, W, Wilson, JW. Surveying resiliency and burnout among emergency medicine resident physicians. Selected as an Oral Lightning Abstract. Presented by Jay Gopal and William Wallach. YouTube upload August 1, 2020. 

Henderson, H, McGeachy, J, and Wilson, JW. An ED Based Medication Assisted Therapy Pathway for Opioid Use Disorder that Does Not Require Data 2000 Waiver. Abstract 54. Accepted for Presentation at the American College of Emergency Physicians, Scientific Assembly, Research Forum. October 27, 2019. Poster Presentation. Presented by Heather Henderson

Wilson, JW. Co-locating Epidemics: HCV and IV Drug Use. Accepted for Oral Presentation at the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Conference. Dubrovnik, Croatia. September 2019. Oral Presentation.  

Henderson, H, Terwilliger, Z, Ozoya, O, Travis, B, and Wilson, JW. Hepatitis C Linkage to Care Outcomes in an Urban, Academic Emergency Department. Poster Presentation (Heather Henderson). Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, Nevada. May 16, 2019. Poster Presentation. Presented by Heather Henderson.  

Wilson, JW. Mixed Methodologies, Medical Anthropology and Clinical Applicability. Panel Chair and Discussant, Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), Portland, Oregon, March 23, 2019. Oral Presentation. 

Wilson, JW. Presenter. Anthropology, Gun Violence, Gun Control. Round Table Discussion. American Anthropological Association. Annual Meeting. November 17, 2018. San Jose, California. Oral Presentation

Wilson, JW. Anthropology and Special Patient Populations in the Emergency Department (TH-160). Panel Chair and Discussant, Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA), Philadelphia Pennsylvania. April 5, 2018, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oral Presentation.

Villalona, S, Baer, R. and Wilson, JW. Reimagining the Shadowing and Research Experiences of Undergraduate Pre-Medical Students. Presented by Seiichi Villalona at the American Association of Medical Colleges, Western Group on Educational Affairs Regional Conference, March 25, 2018.

Villalona, S. SaintHillaire, R. and Wilson, JW. Assessments of ED Hallway Placement and Perceived Deficiencies in Pain Management on Press Ganey Scores. Poster Presentation, Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, Orlando Florida. May 16-19, 2017. 

Baer, R. Wilson, JW, and Villalona, S. The ER: Patient and Physician Perspectives. Presented at the American Anthropological Association, November 2016. Presented by Roberta Baer. 

Wilson, J.W., and M.H. Wolpoff. Are the Neandertal males really male? 73rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. April 14-17, 2004. Tampa, Florida. Oral presentation. Presenter 

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Wilson, J.W., R.H. Tykot, and J.F. Thackeray. Strontium-calcium ratio analysis and dietary adaptations of early hominids from South Africa: A reevaluation of interpretive problems in light of new analyses. 69th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. April 12-15, 2000. San Antonio, Texas. Oral Presentation. Presenter. 


University of South Florida

ANT4495 Research in Patient-Physician Interactions, IDH4490 Research Methods in Medical Anthropology and Clinical Research, Summer Research Symposium in Emergency Medicine, MDR8000 Research in Emergency Medicine.  

University of Michigan

Head Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), ANTHROBIO 161 Biological Anthropology; GSI: ANTHRBIO 365 Human Evolution, ANTHRBIO 479 Human Evolution, ANTHRBIO 473 Human Adaptation; ANTHRBIO 364 Evolution of Nutrition