Chemistry Undergraduate Advising

Welcome! There are eight academic advisors in the Department of Chemistry students. We advise students on course selection and graduation requirements as well as career advising, especially for pre-health students.

Come to us with your questions! We can provide tips for a smooth college transition and provide recommendations to other offices for more support. Meet with us via video, phone, or in-person.

Schedule an appointment or email the Chemistry Advisors if you have any questions.


Meet your Chemistry Advisors!

Picture of Hillary Campbell

Hillary Campbell

SCA 229

Picture of Nicole Hiers

Nicole Hiers

SCA 233

Picture of Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

SCA 230

Picture of Chris Kerr

Chris Kerr

SCA 237

Picture of Shawn Mallory

Shawn Mallory

SCA 235

Picture of Desarae Pointer

Desarae Pointer

SCA 232

Picture of Kareem Rhodd

Kareem Rhodd

SCA 238

Picture of Cristina Yelvington

Cristina Yelvington

SCA 229

What do Chemistry Advisors Do?

  • Meet with students individually for advising appointments
  • Assist with new and transfer student orientations
  • Answer student emails and issue permits when necessary
  • Guide students through the Chemistry course evaluation process
  • Answer questions about course planning and degree requirements
  • Are available to assist our students' success in their graduation and career goals
  • Provide advice and assistance in regards to pre-health and graduate school advising
  • Discuss with you the steps necessary in order to pursue professional goals while you are pursuing your degree

How Often Should You See an Advisor?

USF recommends that students meet with an advisor at least once a semester. Generally, the Chemistry Advisors see students by appointment only, unless we are having a walk-in day. As these days are not regular and change each month, you will want to continue to check the Advising calendar, posted each month here.

Who is My Advisor?

Students are not assigned a specific advisor, so it is up to your discretion if you choose to see a new advisor each time, or the same one continuously.

The Advisors' schedules book two weeks in advance, so if you are having trouble finding an appointment, remember that at midnight each day, a new day at the end of the two week period opens up for scheduling. Also, this would be a good time to check the drop-in calendar to see if there are drop-in days.

When is the Best Time to See an Advisor

The Advisors' schedules will start to fill very quickly as registration nears and at other peak times, so please keep this in mind when making appointments. Peak times can include: the first week of classes, the few weeks prior to the start of registration and during registration, orientation, etc.

The earlier in the semester you are able to secure an appointment, the better! Registration for Spring semester usually occurs in early November and registration for Summer and Fall semester usually occurs in late March. Please be proactive and plan ahead to ensure that you will be seen.

*Advisor tip: Don't forget to write down your appointment in your phone/calendar so you can make sure you know the name of the advisor, their office location and the time of your appointment!

How Will Advisors Communicate With Me?

Advisors will communicate with you via email, CANVAS, the Chemistry Advising Facebook page and the Chemistry Advising Twitter Page.

Advisors primarily communicate with students via their USF email accounts, so please make sure to check this email account regularly or have your USF email forwarded to a personal account. We rarely send mass emails to students, but when we do it is for important reasons, so it is imperative that you read these emails. Also, please make sure to send all emails to advisors from this email address, and be sure to include your U#!

When you log into CANVAS, if you do not see your major listed, please send an email to so that we can add you to your CANVAS major page.

Also, make sure to "Like" our Facebook page and "Follow" us on Twitter to receive additional updates, if you haven't already.

How Should I Prepare For an Appointment

Before an appointment students should review their Degreeworks Audit as well as their degree sheet for their major. This helps the student have an idea of courses they need to help in their own course planning process.

Students interested in pursuing a health profession or graduate school should review the admissions websites for the schools they are interested in applying to, before meeting with an advisor. This can help when you and your advisor course plan together or discuss application procedures.

Most importantly, please come prepared with questions for your advisor so we can make the most of our 30 minutes together!