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USF X-ray Diffraction Facility and Solid-State Characterization Core Lab (XRAY) provides access to instrumentation and services needed to characterize crystalline solid state samples. The lab specializes in Crystallography, Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction and Powder X-ray Diffraction. We use X-ray Diffraction methods to solve structures of single crystals and to identify and characterize crystalline powder samples. Core Lab also provides access to TGA, DSC, FT-IR and UV-VIS instruments and is extensively used by synthetic and materials scientists working at University of South Florida as well as at other academic institutions and commercial entities.


  • Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction - SCXRD
  • Powder X-ray Diffraction - PXRD
  • Thermogravimetric Analysis – TGA
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry – DSC
  • FT Infrared Spectrometry - FT-IR
  • UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometry - UV-VIS

The X-Ray Crystallography lab can analyze both: standard and "low" quality single crystals. We can handle microcrystals, disordered and twinned crystals, unstable crystals like solvates, supramolecular crystals, peptides and MOFs. The turn-around time can be as short as 24-hours for good quality samples. The use of Cu radiation allows us for reliable determination of absolute configuration for organic compounds. We can determine unit cell parameters, screen samples, collect variable temperature data and process the data from other instruments / detectors. We provide full publication report for analyzed samples. In case of Powder Diffraction experiments, we can help in phase identification using PDF-2 database, indexing, powder pattern fitting in TOPAS software. We will also tune instrumental setup in order to obtain the best possible Diffraction Pattern for powder sample. All scientists are welcome to use instruments after the training. Please contact Dr Lukasz Wojtas ( for more information.

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Dr. Lukasz Wojtas


Lukasz Wojtas, Ph.D.
Crystallographer & Director
Research Assistant Professor
USF Department of Chemistry

Contact Information:
Phone IDRB: (813) 974-3451
Fax: (813) 974-32

Office & Lab Address

University of South Florida
Department of Chemistry
3720 Spectrum Blvd, 2nd floor,
IDRB202H (Office)
IDRB 211B (Lab), Tampa, FL 33612

Shipping Address 

University of South Florida
Department of Chemistry
4202 E Fowler Ave, NES 107
Tampa, Fl 33620