Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency drill for chemistry labs

Contact the USF Division of Environmental Health and Safety at (813) 974-4036 with any questions regarding fire and emergency evacuation drill procedures.

  • Call attendance using the roster provided in canvas before you start the drill.
  • Explain to your students what to do in case of an emergency evacuation:
  1. Terminate all hazardous operations and power off equipment.
  2. Close all hazardous materials containers.
  3. If student unable to evacuate due to a disability, shelter in the area of rescue / refuge, typically a stairwell landing, and wait for assistance from drill volunteers or emergency responders.
  4. Instruct visitors and students to evacuate and assist them in locating the nearest exit.
  5. Students should carry only those personal belongings that are within the immediate vicinity.
  6. Close doors to limit the potential spread of smoke and fire.
  7. Remain outside of the building until the building is released for reentry. (Emergency drill: in our case after calling attendance in the gathering area)
  8. Convene in the designated grassy gathering area and await instruction from emergency responders or drill volunteers. Avoid parking lots.
  9. Notify evacuation drill volunteers or emergency responders of persons sheltering in the areas of rescue/ refuge.
  10. Call attendance using the roster and make sure that all your students are present in the gathering area. Go back to your lab room.

Never assume that an alarm is a "false alarm".
Treat all fire alarm activations as emergencies. Get out of the building!

Gathering area ISA, CHE, NES: Assemble in grassy area around gazebos west of MLK plaza.

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures Document