Lab Safety Equipment

Eye wash 1


Eye wash 2


Shower 1



Shower 2

Emergency Eyewashes and Showers

All personnel should know the locations of eyewashes and showers. Lab personnel are responsible for testing eyewashes weekly and keeping a record. Showers are tested annually by USF Physical Plant. Do not block eyewashes or showers with boxes, glassware, or other lab equipment.


Chemical Fume Hoods

Keep the sash low while working inside the fume hood and closed when not in use. Close the sash if a spill occurs inside. Equipment or chemicals that are in use can be kept in the fume hood. Excess clutter impedes air flow. A fume hood may be used for storage but only if it will not be used to perform activities where there is a potential for exposure to hazardous materials. A sign should identify a storage-only fume hood. Work at least six inches inside the fume hood. EH&S tests fume hoods annually. There is an inspection record posted on the side of each fume hood.

Fume Hood

Spill response   Glass container

Broken Glass

Broken glass must be placed in a designated container consisting of a cardboard box lined with a plastic bag and labeled "Broken Glass". A full broken glass box should be sealed securely with tape, labeled "Trash" and placed next to a regular trash container for pickup by Custodial Services.


Fire Extinguishers

You are not expected to fight a fire. Alert others and exit the building before calling for help. EH&S inspects USF fire extinguishers monthly. If the fire is small, and you are comfortable using a fire extinguisher, remember P.A.S.S.

[1] Pull the pin
[2] Aim the hose or nozzle
[3] Squeeze the lever
[4] Sweep side to side

Fire extinguisher  Fire blanket