M.A. in Economics

Master of Arts in Economics

The M.A. in Economics is a non-thesis degree designed to prepare students for positions in business or government or for further graduate work in an economics Ph.D. program.

The program consists of 30 hours of coursework plus the successful completion of an oral exam given before a committee of three members of the faculty. The 30 hours of coursework is comprised of 12 hours of required coursework, at least 12 hours of economics elective coursework, and no more than 6 hours of elective coursework drawn from outside of economics.

The following are required courses:

  • ECO 6115 Microeconomics I
  • ECO 6206 Macroeconomics I
  • ECO 6405 Mathematical Economics I
  • ECO 6424 Econometrics I

Economics elective courses available to MA students include: Microeconomics II, Economic Policy Analysis, Macroeconomics II, Mathematical Economics II, Econometrics II, Econometrics III, Public Finance, Public Sector Economics, International Trade, Labor Economics I, Industrial Organization I, Economics of Organization, Issues in Regulation/Anti-Trust, Law and Economics, Economics of Health Care I, Urban Economics, Regional Economics, and Economic Development. Note that the set of elective courses that the Department offers varies from year to year depending upon the programmatic needs of the Department.

To be eligible to graduate, in addition to completing all coursework and passing the oral exam, students must satisfy all Office of Graduate Studies requirements such as maintaining an overall and economics GPA of at least 3.0 and meeting residency requirements.

A brochure describing the M.A. program is available. 

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