Ph.D. in Economics

Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

The Ph.D. in economics program at the University of South Florida allows students to specialize in health economics and industrial organization as well as in other applied areas of microeconomics. This degree prepares students for careers as professional economists in academia, business and government.

Program Requirements

The program consists of required courses, field courses, and structured graduate electives. Upon completion of all coursework and passing of the First-Year and Second-Year qualifying examinations, students enter candidacy where they must successfully complete and defend a doctoral dissertation. More details on these requirements can be found the Department's Handbook for Doctoral Students and in the USF Graduate Catalog.

Required coursework for the Ph.D. includes the following:

  • ECO 6115 Microeconomics I
  • ECO 7116 Microeconomics II
  • ECO 6206 Macroeconomics I
  • ECO 7207 Macroeconomics II
  • ECO 6405 Mathematical Economics I
  • ECO 7406 Mathematical Economics II
  • ECO 6424 Econometrics I
  • ECO 6425 Econometrics II
  • ECO 7426 Econometrics III

Students must complete at least two field sequences from within economics. Each field sequence is comprised of two courses for a total of four field courses. The department currently offers fields in the economics of health care, industrial organization, labor economics, and urban and regional economics.

The choice of structured graduate electives will be made with advice and consent of either the PhD Director or the student’s (co-) Major Professor(s). These electives will be used to strengthen the student’s preparation to undertake independent research.

To be eligible to graduate, in addition to the requirements stated above, students must satisfy all Office of Graduate Studies graduation requirements such as maintaining an overall and economics GPA of at least 3.0 and meeting residency requirements.

A brochure describing the Ph.D. program is available.

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