Ph.D. Recent Placements

Year Academic Positions Non-Academic Research Positions
2023   Real World Evidence Fellow; Novo Nordisk
 2022 Assistant Professor, Institute of Health Economics, University of Dhaka Research Economist; Research Triangle Institute
  Senior Lecturer; Elon University  
2021 Postdoctoral Fellow; University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Rural Telehealth Evaluation Center  
  Visiting Assistant Professor; St. Mary's College of Maryland  
2020 Assistant Professor; Collaborative for Healthcare Delivery Science, Medical College of Wisconsin Quantitative Analyst; Gannett Fleming Inc.
  Acting Faculty; St. Petersburg College  
2019 Visiting Instructor, University of Tampa Assistant Manager; Transcosmos Information Creative
    Research Associate; Institute of Social Science Survey, Peking University
2018 Assistant Professor; University of Tampa Economic Analyst; Citicorp
2017 Post-Doc, Center for Urban Transportation Research; University of South Florida Regulatory Risk Analyst; Citicorp
2016 Assistant Professor; Coastal Carolina University Research Scientist; Haas Center, University of West Florida
  Assistant Professor; Pfeiffer University Research Associate; Center for Urban Transportation Research
  Visiting Assistant Professor; DePauw University  
  Visiting Assistant Professor; Georgia Southern University  
  Visiting Assistant Professor; Marshall University  
2015 Econ 10 Course Coordinator; Harvard University  
2014 Assistant Professor; IMT Lucca Financial Risk Analyst; Citicorp
  Assistant Professor; Southeast Missouri University Economist; Federal Housing Finance Agency
2013 Assistant Professor; Emory University, Oxford College Research Assistant Professor; University of Tennessee, Knoxville
2012 Assistant Professor; Methodist University

Senior Director, Market Science;
In4Mation Insights

2011   Economist; US Southern Command

Senior Research Associate;
Center for Urban Transportation Research


Assistant Professor;
University of National and World Economy

Dieter, Stephens, Durham & Cook

    Economist; HealthSpring
2009   Chief Economist; Florida Economic Advisors
2008   Researcher; Centers for Disease Control
2007 Professor/Program Chair; Hodges University Economist; Bank of Thailand
  Assistant Professor; University of Louisiana, Lafayette  
2006 Assistant Professor; Northern Kentucky University  
  Assistant Professor; St. Leo University