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Photo of the new structure in Idaho

Groundwork initiated in August 2023, followed by the initial building phase in November 2023 at the USF Geosciences Field Station. Exciting transformations are underway!

School of geosciences field station construction update

In a momentous stride toward enhancing the educational landscape for geology students, construction is well underway at the new USF Geosciences Field Station nestled in Idaho. The groundbreaking commenced on August 2023, marking the inception of a project aimed at establishing a fully operational field station in the western United States.

Traditionally, the USF School of Geosciences has conducted field teachings at rented stations during the summer, often navigating the challenges of escalating costs and limited research time. The establishment of a permanent field station in Idaho aims to overcome these challenges, providing a consistent and enriching learning experience. With the structural foundation now laid, plans for electrical and concrete installations are on the horizon. Once the construction crew concludes their work, the focus will shift to the installation of septic systems. However, the last crucial steps involve completing the interior, including bathrooms and kitchens. To realize this vision, a portion of funds is still required.

The significance of this endeavor lies in providing students with a hands-on experience, field school represents the ultimate experience for USF geology students. Furthermore, surveys have consistently shown that prospective employers rank field experiences among the top criteria for workplace success and prefer recent graduates who have mastered field skills. Recent graduates who have mastered field skills are highly sought after, and the USF Geosciences Field Station seeks to bridge this gap.

To give USF students a meaningful field experience, we provide our students the opportunity to go beyond the classrooms in Florida. We have to go west to find the proper rocks, fault lines, and geological formations - which is precisely what we have been doing since 2004.

With the construction of the structure underway and more developments planned for the future, we are optimistic that the USF Geosciences Field Station will be ready for the 2024 Geology Summer Field School! Stay tuned for updates and follow the progress of the USF School of Geosciences Field Station here.

As we eagerly anticipate these exciting milestones, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have already contributed and warmly invite continued support from our community – past, present, and future. If you're eager to play a vital role in completing the USF Geosciences Field Station, don't hesitate to reach out to Development. Your generosity will have a lasting impact on the education and future success of our geology students. Make a gift today and become an integral part of shaping the future of geological education at USF.

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