The History Department is proud to sponsor and distribute awards to outstanding undergraduate students. Below is a description of these awards, their most recent recipients, and an archive of past winners.

judith o. rosenkranz award for outstanding history majors

Judith O. Rosenkranz, a member of the charter class of the University of South Florida, was a history major and the first graduate of the university's College of Liberal Arts. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in 1962. A native Floridian and long-time resident of Tampa, she has been a leader in numerous volunteer organizations, including Women of Reform Judaism, an international association for which she has served as president. An active supporter of USF, she was the first chair of the Krewe of TheatreUSF, a community support group of the College of Fine Arts.

The Judith O. Rosenkranz Award is presented annually to an outstanding history major.

The 2021-22 recipient of the Judith O. Rosenkranz Award is Kaitlyn Froehle.

Previous recipients of the Judith O. Rosenkranz Award

Christine Stolba 1992-93
Carolyn White 1993-94
Sheila B. Cohen 1994-95
Scott Upchurch 1995-96
Karen Ann Walters 1996-97
Dana Logan 1997-98

Brian Dunn

Thomas Kibbey

Elaina Barulic 1999-2000
Michael Schoeppner 2000-01
Kelly Cason 2001-02
Jennifer Dukes 2002-03
Carolyn Pointer 2003-04
Antonino Cardinale 2004-05
David Stupich 2005-06
Nicolette Bidarian 2006-07
Tiffany Patrick 2007-08
Samantha Walker 2008-09
Laura Zegzdryn 2009-10
Stratton Nauman 2010-11
Jenni L. Royce 2011-12
Akash Belsare 2012-13
Alicia Petersen 2013-14
Christopher Ogando 2014-15

Jonathan Assis


Mary Samarkos


Michael Pothoven


Michael Pothoven


Rachel Rosano

Zachary Irovando 2020-21
Kaitlyn Froehle 2021-22


Temple terrace woman's club award

In 1996, the Temple Terrace Woman's Club, a local civic and social organization, volunteered to assist a deserving USF student from the local community. Through the generosity and sacrifice of the members, this award has been established to recognize annually an outstanding history major from Temple Terrace.

The 2022 recipient of the Temple Terrace Woman's Club Award is Emilie Garnier.

Previous recipients of the Temple Terrace Woman's Club Award

Sean Keefe 1997
Pablo Rottenberg 1998
Karen Fortin 1999
Luis Viera 2000
John Watkins 2001
John Bulluck 2002
Emily Hewitt 2003
Alevtina Lazareva 2004
Nicolette Bidarian 2005
Katherine Maguire 2006
Michael Anderson 2007
Karen Omer 2008
Kelly Ward 2009
Shawn Vahabzadeh 2010
Todd Ciardiello 2011
Michael Kouskoutis 2013
Danielle Vanatta 2014
Crystal Pistone 2015
Aum Solanki 2016
Amirah Hamed 2017
Daniel O'Dowd 2018
Thomas Black 2019
Melanie Trump 2020
Isabel Taylor 2021
Emilie Garnier 2022


Lawson-hewitt scholarship

Steven Lawson and Nancy Hewitt, former professors in the USF History Department, created this scholarship with a generous donation. This scholarship is designed to provide scholarships to juniors and seniors who are majoring in history with a GPA of 3.2 or above, with a preference for first-generation students with financial need.

The 2022 inaugural recipient of the Lawson-Hewitt Scholarship is Melyssa Dawson.