Student Internships

Are you interested in gaining on-the-job work experience while earning credits towards your degree? Then an internship is for you!

The USF History Department Internship Program assists students in gaining internship positions in a variety of fields related to the discipline, such as museums, historical centers, media, archives, and digital humanities, both on-campus and around the Tampa Bay region. Students engaged in internships will receive credit and dedicated instructor support through their enrollment in the HIS 4940 History Internship course.  This 3-credit hour upper-level history course meets a history major requirement, a ‘High Impact Practice’ Gen Ed requirement, and is a ‘Service Learning’ designated course.

Once you have read the entirety of this page, please fill out this preliminary application form so that the history department is aware of your interest.


Our intent is to offer you an internship experience that you will find exciting and rewarding, but in which you also feel well-supported by the department. To that end, we have worked to establish relationships between the department and various community organizations in our area. A full list of these partners can be found here.


Please start by filling out this preliminary application for an internship! This is your first step toward working with the history department on an internship!

Once this form expressing your interest in completing an internship is received, you will be contacted regarding selecting an available internship position. You will then be asked to submit a resume and cover letter directed at your desired position in order to complete the application process. All of our internship partners are given the opportunity to vet their applicants, and make the final decision on approval.

At any time, you may contact the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Knight, or the History Department’s Undergraduate Advisor, James Zalman, for more information on applying to an internship.  We will be happy to help you to identify the best opportunity to meet your interests and career goals.


Academic credit for your internship will be awarded via your enrollment in the 3 credit hour course HIS 4940 “History Internship”. This course meets a portion of the History major’s 4000-level requirements, and also fulfills the ‘High Impact Practice’ (TGEH-INT) tier of USF’s Enhanced General Education requirements.  It is also a certified ‘Service Learning’ course. 

The course focuses on introducing students to the field of Public History, and “LAM” careers (Libraries/Archives/Museums) that form to core of the field.  However, the main goal is to help students to understand the vital role historians play in the public sphere and contextualize their work experience within the wider field in which they are participating.

A permit is required to register, so start by contacting the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Jennifer Knight, or the History Department’s Undergraduate Advisor, James Zalman, to express your interest. This course will entail weekly group meetings approx. 2 hours in length (see USF course schedule for details), the maintenance of a weekly written journal of your internship experience, a final project, and a minimum of 6 hours per week on-site at your selected internship experience. Students who are not History majors can participate in this course and internship program as well; contact Dr. Knight for further details.

Internships are also open to graduate students in the Department of History's M.A. and Ph.D. programs. Please make an appointment with Dr. Knight to discuss further details.

A sample Course Syllabus for HIS 4940 “History Internship" is located here.

For more Information, please contact Dr. Jennifer Knight, the History Department Internship Program Coordinator.