What Students Are Saying

Sofia Almeida, Florida PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), Spring 2021

“My internship experience as a student intern with Florida PIRG has allowed me to develop many valuable skills, experiences, and knowledge related to campaign development, lobbying, and the research process and to forge a small community in the remote world. It has allowed me to gain some hands-on experience and to think about the intersections between the environment, grassroots activism, public history, and advocacy, providing me with the opportunity to reflect on my experiences and how they intersect with my passions to leverage them towards whatever future endeavors I pursue.”

See Sofia’s Internship Project: “Florida PIRG, USF, and 100% Renewable Energy: A case for a More Sustainable USF” 


Marissa Corelli, Polk Museum of Art, Spring 2021

“At the Polk Museum of Art, I got to try out many different roles and see if I would like to work at a museum, and I'm very happy to say that I really like it. This has been such a positive experience working with Ellen Chastain and other Polk Museum of Art members. This opportunity gave me the chance to hone my skills. For the last three years of undergraduate, we are taught how to research and how to put together our thoughts. It was really great to use that experience to make something tangible for the museum.”

See Marissa’s Internship Project: “Spirits: African and Oceanic Art: A virtual walk-through of Spirits: African and Oceanic Art at the Polk Museum of Art


Ariana Fernandez, Florida PIRG, Spring 2021

“I have always had a passion for social change throughout my personal and professional life, but I was unaware how powerful my voice and actions can be with organization and mobilization. From my first week at FL PIRG, I was introduced to many amazing and educated organizers who were actively passionate about enacting change and constantly emphasized the importance of the student voice. At first, I was taken aback, since this was a completely remote internship, and I had never participated in any grassroot campaigns, but I continued to make an effort to interact with the team. From the start, I was able to step out of my comfort zone and engage with so many students who shared similar interests and passions.”


Emma Frank, USF Libraries Special Collections, Spring 2021

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity to be the Digital Humanities Intern at USF Special Collections this past semester. Working with the other librarians and media specialists, getting the opportunity to have hands on experience in an archive, and developing my own original research project are experiences that I won’t soon forget and shaped my career path going forward… The Digital Humanities Internship taught me that there are near unlimited career paths when it comes to degrees in the humanities. Though most if not all of the full-time staff members in Special Collections have a Master of Library Science or some equivalent graduate degree, their undergraduate backgrounds vary greatly. More than anything their diverse backgrounds and areas of focus within Special Collections prove that the potential of humanities degrees, limited only by your own choices.”

See Emma’s Internship Project: “Queer Life & Literature in the 19th Century


Brenda Jiang, WUSF, Spring 2021

“Prior to the start of my internship, I didn’t know what I wanted my future career to be. I had a few ideas of the paths that I would like to go on, but didn’t have a concrete field in mind. But this internship still taught me about what I would like to do and helped me narrow down the fields that can be available to me. Since I found out that I really love researching and learning about new places, I recognize that a place in research might be the right path.”


Aaliyah Moffett, WUSF, Spring 2021

“My favorite part about the internship is the fact that professionals trusted me to produce a podcast and gave me responsibility and a little bit of a lead. They were there to constantly support me as well as help me be great. They trained me well and I was able to have actual skills that I can use when I graduate. When applying for jobs I can say that I have the experiences, references, and resume to do this job well. My experience doing this internship is one that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Without this call I would have never started pursuing the things that make me happy. I felt stuck, but doing this internship open my eyes to a world of digital content, and I am excited to pursue this for how many years I decide.”

Check out WUSF’s Arts Axis Florida Podcast, to which Aaliyah contributed as a producer during her internship.


Abigail Moncus, USF Special Collections, Spring 2021

“This internship experience has confirmed my ideas on what I want to do for a career. I still want to pursue archival work. Talking with Andy Huse also made me aware that writing history while working in an archive is also an option and can make a person stand out from their peers when seeking a job. It is a unique position to work in an archive and also write history based on the materials in the archive, as you have direct access. You also know better than most what can be found in the archive to build better arguments and writing.”


Ashley Rocks, Ybor City Museum Society, Spring 2021

Though COVID-19 took a lot away, I am glad it did not take away my ability to participate in this internship. I was able to learn both about history and skills I can take with me moving forward into the future. This internship gave me a new appreciation for studying the humanities and I feel more equipped to answer the questions “What will you do with that degree?” and “Why is history important?

Check out Ashley’s contributions to the “Food, Entertainment, and Popular culture in Ybor City” tour on the website Tampa Historical.