Internship Placements

Our intent is to offer you an internship experience that you will find exciting and rewarding, but in which you also feel well-supported by the department. To that end, we have worked to establish relationships between the department and various community organizations.



Community Organizing

Library and Archives

Digital History and Visualization


Opportunities with External Application Processes

There are also internship opportunities with external application processes. We will support the following internships with academic credit pending acceptance through their own application process:

Internships with political office holders with Tampa Bay regional office locations are eligible to be included in our internship program, regardless of political party. In all cases, these offices have their own application process which must be followed.  If you are interested in a political internship, you must submit an application directly to their office.  Below are a few offices that regularly offer internship opportunities, but the list it not exhaustive, and additional suggestions are welcome:

We are always looking to establish new relationships and will add to this list of potential internship experiences all the time. Also, if you already have another potential internship in mind, please feel free to let us know and we’ll look into making arrangements.