Forms and Documents

For Students/Interns:

Internship GuideClick here to view our guide.

Internship Application—This application allows the Internship Director to begin the process of determining a student’s eligibility and matching the student with a sponsor. Webform

Student Internship Assessments—This form is used by current interns to submit their assessments. Mid-Term Assessment, End-of-Term Assessment

Weekly Status Report—This form is used by current interns to submit their weekly status reports to the Internship Director. Webform

Internship Contract—Students need to have this contract completed and signed by the internship sponsor prior to enrolling in the internship course.

For Sponsors:

Sponsor Internship Request—This form assists the internship director in matching an intern with a company or organization consistent with the student's professional goals. The more we know about your mission and business practices, as well as the specific tasks the intern will be engaging in during that term, the easier it will be to assign an intern with appropriate background and skills meeting your enterprise needs. Webform

Sponsor Assessment of Intern—This form is used by current intern sponsors to submit assessments of their intern(s). Mid-Term Assessment, End-of-Term Assessment