HUM 4940 Internship in Humanities & Cultural Studies

Students participating in the internship must enroll in the HUM 4940 Internship in Humanities & Cultural Studies class. While this class requires some written assignments and portfolio maintenance, your primary responsibilities will involve work-related activities at the sponsor’s facilities. Be sure to review the “Getting Started” section below and Internship Guide under “Forms and Documents” to the left. 

Application Deadlines:

March 1, Summer Internships
May 1, Fall Internships
October 1, Spring Internships

You can complete the internship application using the online web form under “Forms and Documents” to the left. You are encouraged to apply early. There are a limited number of internship slots available each term. You can apply up to one year in advance of the term in which you wish to intern.

Undergraduate Degree Requirement

The internship is only available to declared Humanities (including Film & New Media) and American Studies majors who have completed at least 12 credit hours of major coursework prior to beginning the internship. Specifically, it counts as a “concentration” course for HUM majors, an upper-level elective for AMS majors, and an “interdisciplinary cultural studies” course for HUM majors who are pursuing a track in film & new media studies.

Work Component Requirements

  • Complete all assigned projects and tasks in a manner consistent with professional employment
  • Observe all policies and practices of the sponsoring organization, including those concerned with confidentiality, security, and office conduct and procedure.
  • Submit a Weekly Status Report to your internship faculty supervisor
  • Complete and submit Mid-Semester and End-of-Semester Student Internship Assessment to your internship coordinator
  • Maintain appropriate Contact with your internship coordinator and site supervisor
  • Demonstrate successful job fulfillment in the completed Sponsor Assessment of Intern
Required Work Hours per Academic Credit Hour (during a typical 15 week term—Fall/Spring)
  • 1 credit 3 hours per week 45 total hours per term
  • 2 credits 7 hours per week 90 total hours per term
  • 3 credits 10 hours per week 135 total hours per term
Required Work Hours per Academic Credit Hour (during a typical 10 week term—Summer C)
  • 1 credit 4-5 hours per week 45 total hours per term
  • 2 credits 9 hours per week 90 total hours per term
  • 3 credits 13-14 hours per week 135 total hours per term

Academic Component Requirements

  • Enrollment in HUM 4940 in Humanities
  • Conferences with your site supervisor at least twice during the term (more frequent conferences may be required based upon your specific needs or your supervisor’s discretion)
  • Maintenance of a professional portfolio of documents and media projects completed during your internship (be sure to be aware of any privacy/proprietary issues)
  • Write a final, reflective essay (approximately 2100 words) discussing your internship and address the following points:


  • Name, location, mission of sponsor organization, why you chose to do an internship
  • Description of projects/tasks; your role; what did you find interesting
  • Duties/Tasks you feel were successful because of your USF WGS coursework
  • Duties/Tasks you feel the USF WGS coursework provided inadequate preparation or background
  • Overall workplace culture of the organization sponsoring your internship
  • Your contribution to the workplace culture
  • What you would change about your internship experience
  • What you gained from your internship experience
  • What your sponsor gained from your internship experience


  • Be a declared Humanities or American Studies major
  • At least 12 undergraduate credit hours in Humanities & Cultural Studies approved classes completed by the beginning of the internship semester


Enrollment is contingent upon the availability of suitable internship sponsors based upon the student’s academic and career goals. Students are placed according to specific academic and experiential qualifications, including GPA, courses taken, previous employment history, recommendations, and interviews with the Director of the HCS Internship Program and a representative of the prospective internship sponsor.

Course Credit

The internship earns 3 semester hours of credit as HUM 4940 and normally may be counted towards your undergraduate degree. See the Department of Humanities & Cultural Studies advisor to discuss your particular degree requirements and anticipated course credit.

Participating Sponsors

The internship director will match your educational background and professional goals, as indicated by you on the internship application, to an appropriate for-profit or nonprofit enterprise in the Tampa Bay area. The current list of internship sponsors is included in the “Forms and Documents” page link in the menu on the left. If you are interested in working with a specific sponsor that is not listed, email the internship director (Dr. Christie Rinck) with the appropriate information.

Students – Getting Started

You should begin the application process well in advance of the semester in which you wish to participate in the internship program. As a general rule, you should complete the first step of this application process by mid-term of the semester immediately preceding the anticipated semester for your internship experience. A checklist/timeline is provided for you on the internship website.

At least eight weeks prior to the start of your anticipated internship semester, schedule an appointment with the Internship Director to discuss your degree program and to verify your qualifications for the internship opportunity. Prior to your scheduled conference with the internship coordinator, review the list of sponsors and prepare your resume.

Schedule an advisor appointment.

Have your resume reviewed by the Career Center (Rosaria Pipitone). While we strongly prefer that you see Rosaria, you can use any other Career Counselor. You CANNOT use a Career Peer or student to review your resume.

Once you’ve revised your resume after Career Center feedback, send it to the Internship Director with proof you had it reviewed.

During your conference with the internship coordinator, you should be prepared to:

  • Discuss your Internship Application
  • Present a hard-copy of your professional résumé
  • Discuss your academic work to date
  • Outline your professional career goals
  • Provide either a list of your top three internship sites, or a general career category (like, Public Health)
  • Ask any questions you might have about the HUM4940 internship class

The Internship Director will match you with a suitable internship sponsor based upon your academic background, career goals, and sites listed/career category and will give you contact information for the sponsoring organization.

Schedule an interview with your internship sponsor. In advance of your interview, you should plan to:

  • Become acquainted with your sponsor’s business and work culture by reviewing available websites, publications, and other local business resources
  • Update your professional résumé
  • Make sure you have attire appropriate to your site
  • Treat your interview as you would any other “real world” employment interview

Following your successful interview with your sponsor organization, contact the Internship Director and make arrangements to sign an Internship Contract outlining specific terms of your work and deliverables for your internship experience

Following final Department approval of your Internship Contract, you will receive a permit to register for the HUM 4940 internship class. You must register for the course online through OASIS prior to the first week of class.