M.S. Degree

Biology M.S.

Only available at USF Tampa campus.   

The Master of Science in Biology is designed to foster the development of technical and analytical skills used in existing and emerging fields of discovery. This program emphasizes learning and teaching about the interactions, across all scales, among humans and other diverse organisms in a range of environments. 

Students pursuing a Master of Science in Biology can choose from three areas of concentration:

Master of Science in Ecology and Evolution (EEV)

Master of Science in Biology in Environmental and Ecological Microbiology (EVM)

Master of Science in Biology in Physiology and Morphology (PMY)

Additional requirements for a M.S. in Integrative Biology are:

Seminar Requirements: One presentation, excluding the thesis seminar and defense. Students should present posters or oral presentations based on their thesis research at national/regional professional meetings. The student's graduate committee must approve the presentation. 

Degree requirements should be completed in 2-3 years. All degree requirements must be completed within a five-year period after enrollment in the program. Thesis research should be of publication quality, and students are encouraged to publish their findings.