Marc Lajeunesse

Associate Professor


Tampa campus
Office: SCA 306
Lab: SCA 319
Phone: (813) 974-6234

Email: lajeunesse@usf.edu

Specialty Area Recent Publications
Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Research Synthesis Marc Lajeunesse

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2009

The overarching goal of my lab is to understand the natural diversity of parasites and forces creating and sustaining this diversity—in particular, we focus on using available data to isolate which ecological or evolutionary concepts are applicable over a wide variety of contexts.

We use a broad variety of techniques to pursue this goal, including meta-analysis, comparative phylogenetic methods, field and selection experiments, and mathematical modeling.

My current research has two major themes: (1) the development of novel statistics for synthesizing published research and evaluating sources of bias in this research; and (2) providing rigorous syntheses of key ecological and evolutionary principles relating to the specialization of parasites and herbivores.