Michelle Green

Assistant Professor of Instruction


St. Petersburg campus
Phone: (727) 873-4351
Email: mlgreen1@usf.edu

Specialty Area Teaching Area
Conservation Biology  Genetics, Microbiology and Bio 1
Conservation Genetics

PhD. Integrative Biology, Florida Atlantic University

Green’s research centers on wildlife. Her focus revolves around a few unifying themes including mating systems, behavior, management and genetic relatedness. Utilizing molecular tools Dr. Green works to better understand the relationship between animal behaviors such as mate choice and individual interactions, and the influence of those behaviors on the genetic profile of a population. Because genetic analyses can address a broad set of research questions that can be applied to organisms living in any environment, Dr. Green’s research interests and study species are diverse including marine mammals as well as terrestrial organisms.

Green teaches Genetics, Microbiology and Bio 1 for undergraduates. She also teaches Conservation Genetics for graduate students enrolled in the Conservation Biology program at USF’s St. Petersburg campus.