Michelle Ziadie

assistant professor of instruction

michelle ziadie

St. Petersburg campus
Mail Point: DAV 214 
Office: DAIS 215
Email: michelle13@usf.edu

Specialty Area Recent Publications

Ecology & Evolution, Pedagogy & Education

Research Key Words: Evolution education, behavior, genetics, evolution, BER

Michelle Ziadie

University of Georgia

BSC 2011 (Biodiversity) - What could be more exciting than exploring each of the branches on the tree of life? This course is taught from an evolutionary perspective, exploring the relatedness of all living things as well the fascinating details that make us all unique.

PCB 3063 (General Genetics) - Genetics is the language of life. Just four nucleotides (A, T, C, G) make up all the diversity and complexity of all living things. This course explores concepts in heredity as well as molecular mechanisms that make up the foundation of phenotype, diversity and evolutionary change.

PCB 4674 (Organic Evolution) - The greatest story ever told: the driving and ever-present force behind the diversity and complexity of life. This course covers the four major forces in evolution and highlights the captivating consequences of those forces. Sometimes truth is stranger (and more exciting!) than fiction.

My background is in evolutionary genetics and undergraduate evolution education research. In my genetics work, I focused on the evolution of parental care and social immune function. In my education work, I focused on resources for teaching and learning topics in evolution at the undergraduate level.

Moving forward, I am interested in further exploring classroom techniques that reveal student learning and change student misconceptions about evolution. In addition to teaching students about evolution I hope to inspire them to think critically and ask questions about the world around them.

Behavior, parental care and the evolution of family are still close to my heart and I strive to incorporate these concepts in my teaching as well as in collaborative research with other faculty on campus.