Noel Takeuchi

Assistant Professor of Instruction

noel Takeuchi

st. Petersburg campus
Mail Point: DAV 214
Office: DAV 213
Phone: (727) 873-4303
Email: ntakeuchi@usf.edu

Specialty Area Recent Publications

Marine Biology and Physiology & Morphology

Research Key Words: Marine Mammals; Toxicology; Nutrition; Reproductive Physiology; Companion Animal Management

Noel Takeuchi

University of Florida

BSC 2093C/2094C Human Anatomy and Physiology - 
This year long class gives me a great opportunity to really get to know each and every student

BSC 2010 Cellular Processes - I enjoy watching the students learn and grow throughout their academic career

PCB 3712 General Physiology - Introducing students to the wonderful world of physiology is an honor and a privilege

As an Instructor, my focus is now on teaching with research efforts working with students interested in human and animal physiology.

I am a marine biologist with a passion for physiology. My background extends from veterinary technician to marine mammal rehabilitation. During my MS in Marine Science at the University of New England, I examined pinniped nutrition in various rehabilitation centers across the country. I completed my dissertation in trace metals in the West Indian manatee at the University of Florida and then completed a short postdoc at the University of Queensland’s National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology in Australia.

I do not have an active research lab at USF, but still mentor undergraduates and honors students with their research projects and am active with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute.