Yusan Yang

Assistant Professor 

yusan yang

Tampa campus 
Office: SCA 126
Lab: SCA 125 

Email: yusanyang@usf.edu


Specialty Area Recent Publications
Evolutionary Ecology, Animal Behavior, Visual Ecology

Research Key Words: Sexual Selection, Animal Coloration, Behavioral Plasticity
Yusan Yang


Ph.D., Ecology & Evolution, University of Pittsburgh, 2020 
B.S, Biology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 2013 


I am an evolutionary ecologist broadly interested in the evolution of animal coloration and animal behavior. My lab works on two animal systems, the Neotropical poison frogs and the Trinidadian guppies, both of which have amazing intraspecific color diversity.

We study how mating behaviors and sexual ornaments evolve together, and how these dynamics subsequently shape sexual selection, speciation, and diversification.

A current focus is the role of social learning and behavioral plasticity in mediating these processes. We use a combination of field and lab experiments as well as comparative and mathematical approaches to explore these research questions.