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Ashour, Hossam; Associate Professor

Bairley, Robin; Assistant Professor of Instruction

Begin, Chantale; Professor of Instruction

Carney, Ryan; Assistant Professor

Cassill, Deby; Professor

Deban, Stephen; Professor

Doody, Jeremiah; Assistant Professor

Ellis, William; Assistant Professor of Instruction

Gemmell, Bradford; Associate Professor

Green, Michelle; Assistant Professor of Instruction

Harwood, Valerie; Professor

Judkins, Heather; Associate Professor

Kirchman, Paul; Professor

Kramer, Andrew; Assistant Professor

Lajeunesse, Marc; Associate Professor

Lewis, David; Associate Professor

Margres, Mark; Assistant Professor

Osovitz, Christopher; Professor of Instruction

Parkinson, John; Assistant Professor

Prevost, Luanna; Associate Professor

Richards, Christina; Associate Professor

Reidinger- Whitmore, Melanie; Professor

Santiago Alarcon, Diego; Assistant Professor

Scott, Kathleen; Professor

Stiling, Peter; Professor

Takeuchi, Noel; Associate Professor of Instruction

Whitmore, Thomas; Professor

Zalamea, Paul-Camilo; Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Bell, Susan; Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Dawes, Clinton
; Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Essig, Frederick; Professor Emeritus

Fox, Gordon; Professor Emeritus

Lawrence, John; Professor Emeritus

McCoy, Earl; Professor

Motta, Philip; Professor Emeritus

Mushinsky, Henry; Professor Emeritus

Noonan, Norine; Professor Emeritus

Ogden, John; Professor Emeritus

Pierce, Sidney; Professor Emeritus