Marine Biology B.S.


Easiest completed through Tampa and St. Petersburg campuses

Students completing the B.S. in Marine Biology at USF will explore the ecology of marine environments and the nature of organisms inhabiting the oceans. The objective of the proposed degree is to augment the students’ foundation in basic biology with specialized knowledge and skills in marine biology that address contemporary issues such as coastal resilience, coastal pollution, diseases of marine organisms and restoring damaged habitats. An emphasis on data collection and research methods in the field and laboratory will ready students for employment in places such as consulting firms, environmental agencies, aquaria, and parks, while also preparing them for graduate school.  

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Contact Email
Biology Advisors
Tampa campus


Biology Advisor
St. Petersburg campus
Megan Porath


Faculty member
Tampa campus
Dr. Chantale Begin


Faculty member
St. Petersburg campus
Dr. Heather Judkins


Chair of Integrative Biology
Tampa campus
Dr. Stephen Deban


Campus Chair of Integrative Biology
St. Petersburgh campus
Dr. Melanie Riedinger-Whitmore