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Active Placement

The following are current or recent graduate students now seeking academic employment. For further information, contact Departmental Placement Director Eric Winsberg or Graduate Program Specialist Michael Strawser. Click here for information on the placement record of the Philosophy Ph.D. program.

Name Information

Dahlia Guzman


AOS : Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy
AOC : 20th century Continental Philosophy, Biomedical Ethics, Latin American Philosophy
Ph.D. expected May, 2018.

Greg McCreery, Ph.D.


AOS : Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics
AOC : Existentialism, Philosophy of Race, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Logic

Steven C. Starke, Ph.D.


AOS : Ethical Theory, Kant, Military Ethics
AOC : Applied Ethics, Political Philosophy, History of Philosophy

Bradley Warfield, Ph.D.


AOS : Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy, Ethics, Theories of the Self
AOC : Nineteenth-Century Continental Philosophy, Africana Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Existentialist Thought
Dr. Warfield's website.

Christine Wieseler, Ph.D.


AOS : Biomedical Ethics, Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Disability
AOC : Normative Ethics, Social Philosophy, 20th Century Continental Philosophy
Dr. Wieseler's website.

Milton Wilcox, Ph.D.


AOS : Ancient and Hellenic Philosophy, Christianity, Philosophy of Religion
AOC : History of Philosophy, History of Christianity, Ancient Daoism & Confucianism, World Religions, Ethics

Andrew Winters, Ph.D.


AOS : Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Pedagogy
AOC : Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Religion, Early Modern Philosophy
Congratulations to Andrew on the publication of Natural Processes!