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Placement History

*tenure-track position
**Ph.D-granting program


Name Current Location Ph.D. Awarded Major Professor(s)
Lilian King Director of Experiential Learning, St. Petersburg Catholic High School August, 2019

Thomas Williams

Michael DeJonge

Jesús Ramirez Visiting Scholar, University of South Florida August, 2019

Joshua Rayman

Matthew Dee Instructor, Impact 360 Institute, Pine Mountain, GA May, 2019

Thomas Williams

Dwight Lewis Assistant Professor*, University of Central Florida May, 2019

Roger Ariew

Erika Oshiro Reporting Specialist, ADAMH, Franklin County, Ohio May, 2019

Alex Levine

Ryan Quandt Adjunct Instructor, University of South Florida May, 2019

Roger Ariew

Raman Sachdev Visting Instructor, University of South Florida May, 2019

Roger Ariew

Doug Jesseph

Alex Shillito Corps Member, American Conservation Experience, Ashville NC May, 2019

Roger Ariew

Zachary Vereb Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi May, 2019

Martin Schönfeld

Robert Craig Adjunct Instructor, Applied Ethics Institute, Saint Petersburg College December, 2018

Thomas Williams

James Strange

Justin Wisniewski Visiting Instructor
St. Leo University
St. Leo, Florida
August, 2018  Joanne Waugh
John Walsh Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Fachbereich Philosophie
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
August, 2018  Martin Schönfeld
Wilson Underkuffler Adjunct Instructor, Weber State May, 2018 Doug Jesseph
John Voelpel Environmental Ethics Consultant May, 2018 Martin Schönfeld
Dahlia Guzman Lecturer (Continuing)
University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
May, 2018 Alex Levine
Christopher King Visiting Instructor, Toccoa Falls College December, 2017 Lee Braver
Michael DeJonge
Milton Wilcox Visiting Instructor, University of South Florida December, 2017 Joanne Waugh
James Strange
Carter Hardy Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Continuing)
University of Tampa
Tampa, Florida
August 2017 Alex Levine
Lee Braver
Faruk Rahmanovic University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
May 2017 Stephen P. Turner
Kathleen Schenk University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
May 2017 Martin Schönfeld
Aaron Spink Postdoctoral Fellow, Durham University, Durham, UK May 2017 Roger Ariew
Bradley Warfield Lecturer in Philosophy
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Brownsville, Texas
May 2017 Joanne Waugh
Charles Guignon
Gregory McCreery University of South Florida
Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida
December 2016 Stephen P. Turner
Anthony V. Fernandez Assistant Professor*
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio
August 2016 Alex Levine
Christine Wieseler

Assistant Professor*, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California

August 2016 Alex Levine
Joanne Waugh
Michael Arvanitopoulos Adjunct Professor
Hillsborough Community College
Tampa, Florida
May 2016 Joanne Waugh
Mor Segev
Nicholas Byle Continuing Instructor
Arizona Western College
May 2016 Michael DeJonge
Michael Morris
Daniel Collette Visiting Assistant Professor
Marquette University
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 2016 Roger Ariew
Chioke I'Anson Assistant Professor*
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Virginia
May 2016 Stephen Turner
Natasha Liebig Visiting Assistant Professor
Adams State University
Alamosa, Colorado
May 2016 Joanne B. Waugh
Marin Lucio Mare Philosophy Core Instructor, Stanford University Online High School May 2016 Roger Ariew
Douglas Jesseph
Steven Starke University of South Florida, St. Petersburg
Tampa, Florida
May 2016 Martin Schönfeld
Sidney Axinn
Richard Lamborn Adjunct Professor
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
December 2015 Roger Ariew
Douglas Jesseph
Jeffrey Steele Lecturer
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, California
December 2015 Thomas Williams
Steven Surrency Interim Chair, Communication Sciences & Disorders
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
December 2015 Thomas Williams
Megan Altman Assistant Professor*, Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa May 2015 Lee Braver
Charles Guignon
David Eck Assistant Professor*
Cañada College
Redwood City, California
May 2015 Alex Levine
Stephen Turner
Michael Funke Instructor
Walters State Community College
Morristown, Tennessee
May 2015 Colin Heydt
Hugh LaFollette
Sacha Greer Adjunct Professor
Clark College
Vancouver, Washington
May 2015 Douglas Jesseph
Andrew Winters Associate Professor
Yavapai College
Prescott, Arizona
May 2015 Douglas Jesseph
Alex Levine
Joseph Anderson Assistant Professor*, Allen University, Columbia, South Carolina May 2014 Roger Ariew
Melissa Coakley Associate Professor*
St. Petersburg College
Clearwater, Florida
May 2014 Joanne Waugh
Jose Haro Associate Professor, tenuredr*
Borough of Manhattan Community College
The City University of New York
New York, NY
May 2014 Stephen Turner
Emre Keskin Director of IT
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Columbia University
New York, NY
May 2014 Eric Winsberg
Timothy Slattery University of South Florida
Department of Philosophy
May 2014 Douglas Jesseph
Aret Karademir Assistant Professor* **
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey
December 2013 Stephen P. Turner
Charles B. Guignon
Nancy Kettle Deceased December 2013 Martin Schönfeld
Roger Ariew
Steven Burgess Assistant Professor*
Benedictine University
Lisle, Illinois
May 2013 Roger Ariew
Charles Guignon
Brian Dunst Assistant Professor*
Westmoreland Community College
Youngwood, Pennsylvania
May 2013 Alex Levine
Stephen Turner
John Lup Adjunct Professor
Stetson University
DeLand, Florida
May 2013 Charles Guignon
Elizabeth Victor Associate Professor, tenured*
William Paterson University
New Jersey
Aug. 2012 Stephen Turner
Rebecca Kukla
Benjamin Young Associate Dean,
University of South Florida Honors College
Tampa, Florida
Aug. 2012 Charles Guignon
Casey Rentmeester Associate Professor of Philosophy, tenured*
Director of General Education
Bellin College
Green Bay, Wisconsin
May 2012 Charles Guignon
Martin Schönfeld
Geoffrey Pfeifer Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion*
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, Massachusetts
May 2012 Stephen Turner
Peter Olen Assistant Professor, tenured*,
Lake Sumter State College
Leesburg, Florida
May 2012 Stephen Turner
Richard Manning
Richard Mercadante Professor, tenured*
Communications, Philosophy, and Interdisciplinary Studies
St. Petersburg College -- Clearwater Campus
Clearwater, Florida
Dec. 2011 Stephen Turner
Edward Matusek  Assistant Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Atlanta Metropolitan College
Atlanta, Georgia
Dec. 2011 Thomas Williams
Adam Buben Assistant Professor of Comparative Philosophy* **
Leiden University College, Faculty Campus The Hague
Aug. 2011 Charles Guignon
Anthony DeSantis Lecturer (Continuing)
University of Texas, Rio Grande Value
Edinburg, Texas
May 2011 Roger Ariew
Michele Merritt Assistant Professor*
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Dec. 2010 Rebecca Kukla
Shaun Gallagher
Jared Kinggard Associate Professor, tenured*
Indian River State College
Ft. Pierce, Florida
Dec. 2010 Alex Levine
Brook J. Sadler
Philip Bishop Visiting Assistant Professor
Honors College
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida
Dec. 2010 John Anton
Elena Ruiz

Assistant Professor* **
Michigan State University
Lansing, Michigan

Aug. 2010 Ofelia Schutte
William Koch Assistant Professor*
Borough of Manhattan Community College
Department of Academic Literacy and Linguistics
New York City, New York
May 2010 Charles Guignon
John Wolfe Lecturer in Philosophy
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina
May 2010 Joanne B. Waugh
John P. Anton
Jason Campbell Assistant Professor*
Conflict Resolution and Philosophy
Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Aug. 2009 Martin Schönfeld
Edward Kissi
Christopher Hudspeth Associate Professor, tenured*
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Aug. 2009 Brook Sadler
Stephen Turner
Michael Thompson Senior Lecturer & Director of Undergraduate Studies
University of North Texas **
Denton, Texas
May 2009 Martin Schönfeld
C. Hans Pedersen Associate Professor, tenured
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, Pennsylvania
May 2009 Charles Guignon
Jeremy Kelly No Affiliation. May 2009 Kwasi Wiredu
Stephen Turner
Robert Beeson Instructor
Florida Gulf Coast University
Ft. Myers, Florida
Dec. 2008 Roy Weatherford
Martin Schönfeld
Thomas Brommage Lecturer
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas
Dec. 2008 Stephen Turner
Kwasi Wiredu
S. West Gurley Assistant Professor*
Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, Texas
Dec. 2008 Charles Guignon
Christopher Kirby Professor*
Eastern Washington University
Cheney, Washington
Dec. 2008 Martin Schönfeld
John P. Anton
Denise Kleinrichert Full Professor*
Director, Center for Ethical & Sustainable Business
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, California
May 2007 Stephen Turner
Jennifer Ingle Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina
May 2007 Joanne B. Waugh
John P. Anton
Eleni Tsalla Associate Professor, tenured*
Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio
Aug. 2005 John P. Anton
Joanne B. Waugh
Sudarsan Padmanabhan Associate Professor, tenured* **
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
IIT Madras (Indian Institute of Technology)
Chennai, India
May 2005 Stephen Turner
Melinda Rosenberg Associate Professor, tenured*
University of North Carolina, Pembroke
Pembroke, North Carolina
Aug. 2004 Ofelia Schutte
Kevin Aho Department Chair, Dept. of Communication and Philosophy
Florida Gulfcoast University
Ft. Myers, Florida
May 2004 Charles Guignon
Martin Wortman Associate Dean
School of Liberal Arts
Excelsior College
Albany, New York
May 2003 Willis Truitt
Lisa Wilkinson Chair, Department of Religion and Philosophy*
Nebraska Wesleyan University
Lincoln, Nebraska
May 2002 Joanne B. Waugh
John P. Anton
Miguel Martinez-Saenz President
Saint Francis College
Brooklyn, New York
Aug. 2001  Stephen Turner
Frank Barnes Learning and Development Consultant
The Walt Disney World
Orlando, Florida
Dec. 2000 Kristin Shrader-Frechette
Carlos Bertha Associate Professor, tenured*
United States Air Force Academy
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Aug. 1999 Peter French
Daniel Wigley Associate Professor, tenured*
Indian River State College
Ft. Pierce, Florida
May 1998 Kristin Shrader-Frechette
Jay Raskin Adjunct Professor
Valencia College
Orlando, Florida
Dec. 1997 Willis Truitt
Campbell Whitaker HS Mathematics Teacher
Carrollwood Day School (Private, IB)
Tampa, Florida
Dec. 1997 Kwasi Wiredu
Maria Inmaculada de Melo-Martin Full Professor of Public Health, tenured* **
Cornell University
Weill Medical College
Division of Medical Ethics
May 1997 Kristin Shrader-Frechette
Nancy Stanlick Professor of Philosophy and Associate Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, 
University of Central Florida
Orlando, Florida
May 1995 Stephen Turner
Kostas Kalimtgis Environmental Engineer
Applied Technology
Gainesville, Florida
May 1993 John P. Anton
Christopher Adair-Toteff Retired. May 1992 Bruce Silver