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Department Chair

Prof. Sarath Witanachchi, Ph.D.

Dr. Witanachchi

I welcome you to explore the USF Physics Department Web page and discover the unique aspects of our programs.

Physics is the most fundamental science that enlightens us to the workings of the smallest particles in the universe to the largest galaxies that permeates the universe we live in. Physics is the science of understanding the nature around us. With a bachelor's or a graduate degree in Physics your career opportunities will expend to multiple disciplines beyond physic, that include, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science, Astronomy, Law, etc.

Undergraduate degrees we offer

For physics majors, our curricular offerings span undergraduate baccalaureate degrees (B.A. and B.S.) with the traditional general physics core, a variety of upper-level courses and applied electives, laboratory courses. Undergraduate research is required for the B.S degree, and is strongly recommended for all programs. There are minors in physics and biomedical physics to enhance the educational experience for non-physics majors. The astronomy minor is open to both majors and non-majors.

Graduate degrees we offer

Department of Physics offers a unique Ph.D. program in Applied Physics, which is the only such program in the State of Florida. The discipline of applied physics sits at the border of fundamental physics and engineering. Applied Physics searches for novel and innovative technologies through research for resolving engineering problems. The program we offer encompasses applications of physics in experimental and computational material physics, biophysics, atomic and molecular optics, and medical physics.
I invite you to join us, either to receive your basic degree in Physics and open yourself to a myriad of career opportunities, or to pursue a graduate degree and engage yourself in a multitude of exciting research opportunities with our renowned faculty.

Sarath Witanachchi, Chair
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