Why Physics?


Are you intrigued by the world of physics but you don’t know what a physics degree can do for you? It turns out that physics is one of the most versatile degrees with many career options. Keep reading and visit the links below to find out more!

Salaries for bachelor’s degrees in physics compare VERY well to other fields. See this graph!

Salaries increase even more for those students that pursue graduate degrees in physics. See the data here!

But WHAT do students with physics majors DO? Just about a little of everything...

Physics Bachelor's Degrees chart

A Physics degree is a GREAT stepping stone to medical or law school. Physics students score exceptionally well on the MCAT and LSAT relative to other majors. See the data here.

And a physics degree is a great complement to other majors. One third of all physics students double major as undergraduates. Some of the Most Common Double Majors of Physics Bachelors: Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry, Music, Computer Sciences, Education, Economics, Philosophy, Biology, Political Science, Geology.

There is A LOT more information out there for you to learn about physics and what it has to offer.  Some of the links below will help get you started…