Degree Information

Our department offers both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in physics. Both programs are designed to meet today's standard of science and technology, while leaving flexibility for a wide range of future career paths. For students interested in teacher certification, The Department of Physics and College of Education offer an accelerated B.A. /M.A.T. program (see below for details). We also offer a minor in physics, a minor in biomedical physics, and a minor in astronomy.

The Bachelor of Arts program provides a general overview of the core ideas in physics, offering a wide flexibility in electives with a lot of space for courses outside the major. This gives you the possibility to combine the physics major together with a concentration in another area (such as business, computer science, biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, geology, social sciences, etc), and gain employment immediately following graduation. The B.A. is also ideal for students who plan to pursue professional post-graduate study in medicine, law, or education.

  • Updated B.A. curriculum
    Physics BA Catalog link
    Please keep in mind that not all students are on the same major catalog. Always check with your advisor to make sure that you are following the correct catalog!

The Bachelor of Science program offers you a more rigorous curriculum designed to prepare you for a career as a research physicist. Many students earning the B.S. degree intend to proceed with graduate studies in physics or related fields. Undergraduate research is a large part of our B.S. degree, and you will get to work alongside faculty doing cutting-edge, nationally-funded research. Flexibility in the major still exists so that you can choose to focus your studies to best match your interests and goals.

  • Updated B.S. curriculum
    Physics BS Catalog Link
    Please keep in mind that not all students are on the same major catalog. Always check with your advisor to make sure that you are following the correct catalog!

Accelerated B.A./M.A.T. program
This program intends for students to complete a B.A. in Physics (College of Arts and Sciences) and a M.A.T. in Secondary Science (College of Education) over the span of five years. Upon completing this program, graduates will be eligible for high school and/or middle school science teacher certification. For more information regarding this unique program, please visit these two links:

Minor in Physics
Physics Minor Catalog Link
Note that students majoring in physics cannot simultaneously be awarded the Biomedical Physics minor (see catalog for more information). This minor allows students from other majors who enjoyed their introductory physics courses to take upper level physics courses and earn credit.

A minor in Physics consists of 17 credit hours. Declare your minor.

Minor in Biomedical Physics
Biomedical Physics Minor Catalog LinkThis minor combines fundamental knowledge of physics acquired through the General Physics lectures and laboratories to applications that cover a wide spectrum of topics of interest to students pursuing a future clinical or research career in the areas of biology, medicine, biophysics, and other related areas.

A minor in Biomedical Physics consists of 16 credit hours. Declare your minor.

Minor in Astronomy
Astronomy Minor Catalog Link
This minor is of great value to students majoring in many different disciplines. In addition to enhancing the understanding of the physical nature of the universe, students will gain valuable insight into how scientists have made great discoveries in our solar system and beyond to the farthest reaches of space. It would be a great addition to any student's transcript whether a science major or not.

A minor in astronomy consists of 12 credit hours. Declare your minor.