Psychology Student Diversity Committee

Student Diversity Committee members
Student Diversity Committee members


Mission Statement

The USF Psychology Student Diversity Committee is devoted to cultivating a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable academic environment in our community. We seek to provide a collaborative space for students and faculty to enhance diversity representation in our department’s research, teaching, and mentorship. We are committed to upholding our values of safety, well-being, and success for all members of our community.


  1. Facilitate growth in diversity efforts for students, faculty, and staff through colloquiums, workshops, and trainings
  2. Increase diversity visibility in department events, research, teaching, and mentorship
  3. Cultivate an inclusive, collaborative, anti-racist departmental environment that supports students, faculty, and staff members of diverse backgrounds
  4. Identify, recruit, and retain scholars from diverse backgrounds
  5. Promote and encourage diversity-related psychological research at USF

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The USF Department of Psychology is excited to announce a special fundraising campaign to create and permanently endow the Psychology Diversity Research Fund. This unique fund will provide up to $1000 of support each year for USF students’ innovative psychology research that advances the goals of diversity and inclusion in our department, university, and society.  

Why is the Psychology Diversity Research Fund important? By investing in research that emphasizes diversity and inclusion, we aim to accomplish four goals: 

  1. Grow USF’s contribution to our understanding of issues affecting minority populations;
  2. Encourage and support USF researchers who pursue this essential work;
  3. Support students typically underrepresented within academia;
  4. Make the USF Department of Psychology a place where researchers of diverse backgrounds want to work. 

How can you help? To bring this exciting opportunity to life, we need to raise $25,000 to permanently endow the fund. As a member of our Alumni community, please consider one of the following ways to make a difference: 

  • Make a one-time gift of any amount
  • Pledge a multi-year gift of any amount
  • Pledge or make a one-time gift of $1,000+ to underwrite one years’ worth of diversity and inclusion research 
  • Pledge or donate $5,000+ to name one of the grants 
  • Commit to raising $250+ from yourself and others 

 Please visit this link to make your donation! 

If you are interested in joining, collaborating with, or reaching out to the Psychology Diversity Committee, please email psychdiversity@usf.edu.

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