Claire E. Smith

Claire Smith

Assistant Professor


Office: PCD 4151
Phone: 813/974-



Dr. Claire E. Smith is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychology and Deputy Director of the Sunshine Education & Research Center. She earned her Ph.D. In Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology from Bowling Green State University, where she researched employee recovery from work stress and burnout. She completed her postdoctoral training at the University of South Florida’s School of Aging Studies, studying the connection between work, health behaviors (sleep, exercise), and long-term health outcomes as employees get older. Dr. Smith’s current research in occupational health psychology (OHP) connects these threads, aiming to answer the question: What are the biggest threats to modern workers aiming to live healthy, fulfilling, long lives, and how can we move toward effective solutions?


  • 08/2021     Bowling Green State University: Ph.D. in I/O Psychology 
  • 08/2016     Georgia Institute of Technology: B.S. in Psychology 


Our lab studies a variety of topics within occupational health psychology (OHP), spanning physical and mental health. Current topics of interest include the work-life interface (e.g., work as it relates to sleep, exercise, and romantic relationships in addition to work-family) and the long-term impact of work on health as we age (e.g., chronic conditions, mortality), with special attention to health disparities and the well-being of marginalized groups (e.g., racial/ethnic and sexual orientation minorities).


Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Occupational Health Psychology




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*Selected as an APA Editor’s Choice Paper

Smith, C.E., Lee, S., & Allen, T.D. (2023). Hard work makes it hard to sleep: Job characteristics link to multidimensional sleep phenotypes. Journal of Business & Psychology.

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