* These faculty members expect to admit graduate students into their research groups for Fall 2024
** These faculty members may be interested in admitting graduate students into their research groups for Fall 2024

The Industrial-Organizational doctoral program will be accepting students for the 2024-2025 academic year. Individual faculty evaluations are considered, but selection decisions are made at the program level.

Cognition, Neuroscience, & Social Faculty

Name Campus Title
Atchley, Paul ** Tampa Professor
Atchley, Ruthann ** Tampa Professor and Area Director, Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Program
Bosson, Jennifer Tampa Professor and Associate Chair
Bryant, Judith Tampa Professor and Graduate Program Director
Coy, Anthony ** Sarasota-Manatee Associate Professor
Diamond, David Tampa Professor
Dubé, Chad ** Tampa Associate Professor
Goldenberg, Jamie Tampa Professor
Kirstein, Cheryl ** Tampa Professor
Malmberg, Kenneth ** Tampa Associate Professor
Michaels, Jay Sarasota-Manatee Associate Professor
O'Brien, Jennifer ** St. Petersburg Associate Professor and St. Petersburg campus Chair
Ojanen, Tiina ** Tampa Associate Professor
Owens, Max ** St. Petersburg Assistant Professor
Pezzo, Mark ** St. Petersburg Associate Professor
Potts, Geoffrey Tampa Associate Professor
Rohrer, Doug Tampa Professor
Rote, Wendy ** St. Petersburg Associate Professor
Ruva, Christine ** Sarasota-Manatee Professor and Sarasota-Manatee campus Chair
Salomon, Kristen ** Tampa Professor
Sanocki, Thomas ** Tampa Professor
Schneider, Sandra Tampa Professor 
Schotter, Elizabeth ** Tampa Associate Professor
Shimizu, Toru Tampa Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Vandello, Joseph ** Tampa Professor

Clinical Faculty

Name Campus Title
Bornovalova, Marina * Tampa Associate Professor
Chenneville, Tiffany St. Petersburg Professor
Clayson, Peter * Tampa Assistant Professor
Gabbidon, Kemesha * St. Petersburg

Assistant Professor

Karver, Marc * Tampa Associate Professor
McHale, James St. Petersburg Professor
Phares, Vicky Tampa Professor
Rancourt, Diana * Tampa Associate Professor,
Area Director, Clinical Psychology Program, and Director of Clinical Training
Rottenberg, Jonathan Tampa Professor 
Schlauch, Robert ** Tampa Associate Professor
Verona, Edelyn ** Tampa Professor

Industrial-Organizational Faculty 

Name Campus Title
Allen, Tammy ** Tampa Distinguished University Professor 
Chao, Georgia T. ** Tampa Professor and Area Director, Industrial-Organizational Program
Gillespie, Michael ** Sarasota-Manatee Associate Professor
Griffin, Daniel ** Tampa Assistant Professor
Kozlowski, Steve W. J. ** Tampa World Class Scholar and Professor
Smith, Claire ** Tampa Assistant Professor
Stark, Stephen ** Tampa Professor and Chair, Psychology Department

Instructional Faculty

Name Campus Title
Badanich, Kimberly Sarasota-Manatee Professor of Instruction
Courtney, Emily Tampa

Assistant Professor of Instruction

Darkes, Jack Tampa Associate Professor of Instruction and Director, Psychological Services Center (PSC)
Johnson, Aimee St. Petersburg Assistant Professor of Instruction
Uruena-Agnes, Adriana Tampa Associate Professor of Instruction and Coordinator of Undergraduate Affairs
Research Faculty
Name Campus Title
Elliott, Amanda St. Petersburg Research Assistant Professor
Name Campus
Adjunct Faculty
Fisher, Anne Sarasota-Manatee
Gillespie, Jennifer Sarasota-Manatee
Hogan, Anne St. Petersburg
Name Title

Retired and Emeritus Faculty

Borman, Walter Professor Emeritus
Brannick, Michael Professor Emeritus
Coovert, Michael Professor Emeritus
Durand, V. Mark Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Finkelstein, Marcie Professor Emerita
Fowler, Robert Professor Emeritus
Gesten, Ellis Professor Emeritus
Goldman, Mark Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Kinder, Bill Professor Emeritus
Levine, Edward Professor Emeritus
Noll, Jane Retired Instructor
Penner, Louis Professor Emeritus
Sacco, William Professor Emeritus
Spector, Paul Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Thompson, Kevin Retired Professor
Affiliate Graduate Faculty
Name Institution Effective Years
Courtney, Emily USF (Instructional Faculty) 2023-2026
Cousijn, Janna University of Amsterdam 2021-2024
Drobes, David Moffitt Cancer Center 2023-2026
Faith, Melissa  Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital 2020-2023
Joo, Seang-Hwane (Sean) University of Kansas 2023-2026
Miller, Stephanie James A Haley Veterans' Hospital 2023-2026
Payne, Brennan University of Utah 2023-2026
Small, Brent University of North Carolina 2023-2026
Storch, Eric Alan 

Baylor College of Medicine


Victor, Sarah

Texas Tech University


External Graduate Co-Advisor

Name Status Effective Years
Borman, Walter  Affiliate Graduate Faculty, USF
Brandon, Thomas Affiliate Graduate Faculty, Moffitt Cancer Center 2023-2026
Brannick, Michael Affiliate Graduate Faculty, USF
Coovert, Michael Affiliate Graduate Faculty, USF
Curtis, Ashley USF Graduate Faculty, College of Nursing 2022-2025
Darkes, Jack Affiliate Graduate Faculty, USF Instructor 2023-2026
Dietrich, Janan Affiliate Graduate Faculty, University of Witwatersrand 2023-2026
Goldman, Mark Affiliate Graduate Faculty, USF
Goodman, Fallon Affiliate Graduate Faculty, George Washington University 2022-2025
Jacobsen, Paul Affiliate Graduate Faculty, NIH 2023-2026
Mccrae, Christina USF Graduate Faculty, USF College of Nursing 2023-2026
Merlo, Kelsey Affiliate Graduate Faculty, Microsoft 2022-2025
Simmons, Vani Nath USF Graduate Faculty, Moffitt Cancer Center 2023-2026
Spector, Paul Affiliate Graduate Faculty, USF
Stern, Marilyn USF Graduate Faculty, Department of Child and Family Studies 2023-2026
Vidrine, Jennifer  USF Graduate Faculty, Moffitt Cancer Center 2023-2026
Wiernik, Brenton Affiliate Graduate Faculty, Meta 2022-2025
Courtesy Faculty
Name Area Affiliation Effective Years
Bahrick, Harry CNS 2021-2024
Brandon, Karen CL 2019-2024
Bernstein, Douglas CL 2022-2025
Curtiss, Glenn CL 2021-2024
Melcher, David CNS 2019-2024
Panaite, Vanessa CL 2022-2025
Silva, Marc CL 2021-2024
Vasconcellos-Bernstein, Zenia Doris CL 2020-2025
In Memoriam
Name Title
Cimino, Cynthia (1958-2021) Associate Professor Emerita
Donchin, Emanuel (1935-2018) Distinguished University Professor
Nelson, Carnot (2023) Professor Emeritus
Nelson, Douglas (1941-2023) Professor Emeritus
Spielberger, Charles (1927-2013) Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus