Tiina Ojanen

Tiina Ojanen

Associate Professor


Office: PCD 4140
Phone: 813/974-8346



Dr. Ojanen received her Ph.D. at the University of Turku, Finland (2006), and completed her post-doctoral research at the University of Kansas (2007-2008). She specializes on the study of social goals, aggression and other behaviors and social adjustment among peers, using advanced analysis of social-developmental data.


Courses include two advanced undergraduate courses: Developmental Psychology (DEP4053) and Child and Adolescent Social Development (PSY4931). In addition, a graduate level seminar in Social Development is offered in varying semesters.


Dr. Ojanen’s research focuses on forms and functions of aggression (proactive/bullying, reactive, physical and relational aggression) among peers at school. In a social-motivational framework, she examines goals underlying bullying and other types of aggression, and examines these further in relation to peer acceptance, rejection, and popularity among peers. She also studies self-esteem, narcissism, psychopathic traits, empathy and related constructs, as well as friendship selection and social influence. She has also conducted research on forms of prosocial behaviors and social withdrawal. Her research has implications for understanding the heterogeneity of adolescent social behaviors, underlying goals and associated adjustment among peers at school. This work highlights the need to consider not only social skills, but also motivation in social behavior and interventions of aggression, especially school bullying.


CNS (Social-developmental Psychology)