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These resources are geared toward undergraduate students with a major in psychology and alumni with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Whether you are seeking a life-long career at the bachelor's degree level or just seeking employment for a year or two while preparing to apply for graduate school– this site is for you! Good luck everyone and happy helping! If you have suggestions to improve this list of resources, please contact Dr. Vicky Phares.

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Preparing For Graduate School in Psychology: It's Never Too Early To Start (Or Too Late To Try)

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Resources for Mental Health Related Volunteer Opportunities and Jobs in the Tampa Bay Area

There are definitely lots of job opportunities with a bachelor's degree in psychology, but many of those positions require from six months to a year of experience. This experience can be gained through volunteer work, internships, or paid employment. Below you will find on-campus and on-line resources for finding volunteer positions, internships, and jobs. The next section lists agencies throughout the Tampa Bay Area that offer volunteer opportunities and that often hire psychology students and alumni. Some jobs only require a high school education, and are therefore appropriate for employment for current students, whereas some jobs are appropriate for alumni with a bachelor's degree in psychology and at least some level of work-related experience.

To help with your employment search, here are some job titles that are often available to current psychology undergraduate students before they graduate: mental health technician, direct service aid, and behavioral health technician.

Here are some job titles that are often available to individuals with a bachelor's degree in psychology (plus experience): Case manager, care manager, counselor, day treatment therapist, discharge planner, child protection investigator, economic self-sufficiency specialist, crisis counselor, emergency screener, family service coordinator, employment and housing specialist, residential advocate, rehabilitation technician, residential manager, and life skills specialist.

On Campus Resources

On-Line Resources

Local Agencies: Volunteer Opportunities and Jobs/Careers

Nearly all of these agencies provide both volunteer and employment opportunities. The large majority are non-profit agencies that survive primarily on donations, so when you are at a point in your career when you can help them financially, please consider doing so. Quotations are taken directly from the agency websites. See the full listing of local agencies.

Other Useful Career Resources