Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Religious Studies at USF is designed to offer a wide variety of courses that individually and collectively illuminate the role of religion in forming and shaping the socio-cultural worlds of the past and present. Students who take our courses gain a thorough knowledge of, and appreciation for, various religions and their pervasive and multifaceted role in shaping world history, literature, art, culture, politics, and economics. Such knowledge and appreciation are essential for informed citizenship in our increasingly globalized world, and will serve students who pursue careers in education, journalism, law, business, government, public policy, social work, and health care, as well as of those who continue their studies by entering various professional or academic graduate degree programs.

Our faculty and staff are committed to our students' success at USF and beyond. In and outside the classroom, our faculty assist and challenge students to develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, speaking, and writing so they can perform and communicate effectively in the workplace or in any competitive professional or academic degree program. Students who enroll in our courses or declare Religious Studies as their major or minor will be joining a community of students and faculty who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, who celebrate our diversity, and who share our common interest in religion through our classes,our Religious Studies Club, publiclectures, and social events.

Prospective majors, minors,and other students in the University are encouraged to consult theuniversity catalogand the department webpage for a formal description of the program, requirements for the degree, and course offerings.

To schedule an appointment with the undergraduate advisor Andrew Bird, please click here:(students with UID) or (no UID).

Undergraduates with additional questions about the major should contact Dr. Tori Lockler, Senior Instructor and Undergraduate Director.