Society of Religion, Bioethics, and Medicine

Who we are

This society was established for future physicians and all those preparing to enter in the healthcare setting who strive to do so for the spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing of those they will care for. Itspurpose is to (1) educate its members to see the world through the eyes of their patients,(2) promote cultural awareness in a clinical setting,(3) equip its members with the ability to provide person-centered care by means of knowledge and understandingof philosophy, bioethics, and religion as they pertain to medicine,(4) evaluate the depth of “nonscience” in medicine, (5) explore the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of medicine from the patient perspective,and (6) explore the concept of the “physiological-spiritual man” as described by Walt Whitman. The society shall accomplish so by means of guest lectures, educational experiences, readings/discussions, and the offering of leadership and volunteer opportunities.