Declare a CAS Major

Request to Change/Declare a College of Arts & Sciences Major

Please read all of the following information carefully.

Students are expected to graduate within the minimum number of semesters appropriate to their academic work completed at the time of admission in accordance with the USF Degree Progression and Completion Deadlines policy and Florida's Excess Hours Surcharge Policy.

After reviewing the list of major options, make a decision that aligns with the Degree Progression and Completion Deadlines and Excess Hours Surcharge Policy and submit a request to declare/change your CAS major. After your submission, an evaluation of your academic record will be reviewed and compared to guidelines. You may receive a referral to see an Academic Advisor to discuss your Declaration/Change of major request before it can be processed.

Remember, your request might not be permitted if it does not fall within the criteria of the Degree Progression and Completion Deadlines Policy. Request your Declaration/Change of major online.

MJ Holds
If you have an MJ hold once your declaration of major is processed in CAS, the hold will be removed from your OASIS account. The processing time will depend on the evaluation of your academic record.

Pre Medical Science (PMS)
At USF, the Pre-Health Professions or PMS declaration option is NOT a major. Although PMS is not a major, you are able to declare and remain a PMS student (without having to officially declare a major) until you have earned 36 credit hours. Declaring PMS will allow you the opportunity to meet with a Health Professions advisor and discuss possible major options before officially declaring and pursuing a specific major. If you have more than 36 overall credit hours you may not select PMS as your first choice, you must select a major. Regardless of official major, students can still indicate an interest in pre-health in addition to officially declaring your major--by filling out the Pre-Health Declaration Form.

Campus Declaration
If you are interested in changing your campus (Tampa, Sarasota-Manatee, St. Pete), the instruction are located via the Office of Undergraduate Studies Campus Declaration Form. If you are interested in coming to Tampa once you complete the form you can submit your request via email to: CASGUS@usf.edu or fax 813-974-4075.  If you choose to use email in the subject line type in your name and change of institution if you have any questions please contact 813-974-6957.