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How do I get a permit for a course?

Visit the forms page for more information.

I have an MJ hold, what do I do?

The MJ hold is a hold placed on your account that restricts you from registering for courses until you declare a major. To lift the hold, visit Declare a CAS Major and follow the directions.

Where do I get an application for graduation?

The Registrar's Office website under Forms

Is Pre-Med a major?

Pre-Med is not a major; it is a track of prerequisite courses that prepare students with their application into health professional graduate programs.

How do I submit a Transient or Cross Enrollment form?

Go to the College forms page for the College's process or follow the instructions to submit your transient or cross enrollment form. After your submission, your form is transferred to the correct places for approval, then sent directly to the other institution.

How do I know if I have a Hold on my account?

You can access your OASIS account and look under 'Holds.'

How do I change my catalog year?

As long as you have been continuously enrolled at USF, you may change your catalog year to any year within the time you have been continuously enrolled. To make this request and discuss the specific advantages and disadvantages to your specific situation please see your academic advisor.

How do I make an appointment to see my advisor?

Visit the College of Arts and Sciences Advising website