Certificate Programs

A certificate is a non-degree program designed to provide students with specialized knowledge that is less extensive than, and different from, a degree program.

Certificates are offered in the following areas:


Overview: Cryptography is an essential component of cybersecurity, which has been a strategic priority at the USF since the creation of the Florida Center for Cybersecurity (CyberFlorida) in 2014. Moreover, it falls within the scope of two of the strategic initiatives of the 2021-2031 USF Strategic Plan. First, it aligns with the “Analytics and Data Science” initiative. Indeed, cryptography is at the heart of all mechanisms that protect data’s privacy by ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity. Moreover, it also aligns with the the “Global and National Security”. Indeed, it is absolutely essential to keep an edge in this domain to prevail in the Great Power Competition. Indeed, cryptography is the cornerstone of cybersecurity, and the cyberspace is expected to be tomorrow’s battlefield.

Home campus:  Tampa

Cryptography Certificate Requirements


Overview: The certificate is constructed for individuals who are pursuing a bachelor's degree in any field and desire to advance their Japanese learning. By developing individuals' knowledge and understanding for the Japanese language and culture, this certificate will prepare them for working in Japan or for Japanese companies, working as a foreign service officer in the U.S. Department of State, or applying for the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) program, etc. in the future. The certificate is offered through the Department of World Languages.

Home Campus:  Tampa

Japanese Certificate Requirements

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Overview: The College of Arts and Sciences offers a Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies for students who wish to gain an intensive multi-disciplinary understanding of this important area, and have that knowledge formally recognized in their academic record. This program is open to all USF majors of all colleges.

Home Campus:  Tampa

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Certificate Requirements