Tenure & Promotion

Application Information and Timeline


From Workshop to Consideration by the BOT, all the dates you need are located on this Timetable for the Tenure & Promotion and Promotion to Full process:

The Archivum online application system requires several steps at the department level. Use the Timetable to make sure you complete all Candidate, Chair, and Department Liaison tasks in a timely fashion.

General Overview of Content of T&P Application: Online through Archivum

Below is a list of the sections in the Tenure & Promotion application. Sections that autopopulate are indicated in brackets, as well as sections completed by the department chair or liaison.

  1. General Data

    • Details of USF Employment
    • Education
    • Other Education
    • Areas of Specialization
    • Honors & Awards
    • Experience
    • Tenure Related Experience

  2. Teaching

    • Teaching Narrative: Goals & Accomplishments
    • Courses Taught at USF [Auto-populates with course evaluation numbers & comments]
    • Courses Taught outside USF
    • Teaching Awards, Distinctions
    • Other Teaching Activities
    • Supervision & Committees
    • Summary of Teaching [Department Chair’s responsibility]

  3. Research & Creative Activity

    • Research Narrative: Goals & Accomplishments
    • Publications
      • Books, Textbooks, & Book Chapters
      • Book Reviews
      • Articles [Some will auto-populate]
      • Other Publications
    • Other Research & Creative Activities Narrative
      • Commissioned Works, Exhibitions, Performances
      • Other Creative Works
    • Community Engaged Scholarship Narrative
    • Grants & Contracts: Directed, Under Review, Applied but Not Selected [Some auto-populate]
    • Patents & Licenses
    • Paper Presentations & Speeches
    • Analysis of Publications/Creative Works/Engaged Scholarship [Department Chair’s responsibility]

  4. Service

    • Service Narrative: Goals & Accomplishments
    • University, Professional, Community, Other Service

  5. Assigned Duties & Annual Evaluations

    • Department Liaison’s responsibility to upload

  6. External Reviewers Info & Letters

    • Department Chair’s responsibility to solicit & upload into application

For comparison purposes and for detailed instructions on each section, see the Paper T&P Application from 2017-18.