Tenure & Promotion

Application Information and Timelines

Timetables and Workflow

From workshop to consideration by the BOT, all the dates you need are located on these general timetables for Promotion to Full and for Tenure and Promotion:
2021-2022 Promotion to Full Timetable

2021-2022 Tenure and Promotion Timetable

The Archivum online T&P system requires several steps at the department level. Use this Workflow Chart to make sure you complete all candidate, chair, and department liaison tasks in a timely fashion:
Candidate, Chair and Department Workflow

General Overview of Content of T&P Application: Online through Archivum

Below is a list of the sections in the Tenure & Promotion application. Sections that autopopulate are indicated in brackets, as well as sections completed by the department chair or liaison.

  1. General Data

    Details of USF Employment [Auto-populates from GEMS or College Liaison’s responsibility]               
    Other Education   
    Honors & Awards

  2. Teaching

    Teaching Narrative: Goals & Accomplishments
    Courses Taught at USF [Auto-populates with course evaluation numbers & comments)
    Courses Taught outside USF
    Teaching Awards, Distinctions
    Supervision & Committees
    Summary of Teaching [Department chair’s responsibility]

  3. Research

    Research Narrative: Goals & Accomplishments 

    Books, Textbooks, & Book Chapters
    Book Reviews
    Articles [Some will auto-populate from Academic Analytics]
    Other Publications

    Other Research & Creative Activities Narrative
    Commissioned Works
    Other Creative Works

    Community Engaged Scholarship Narrative

    Grants & Contracts: Directed, Under Review, Applied but Not Selected [Some auto-populate from FAST]
    Patents & Licenses
    Paper Presentations & Speeches

    Analysis of Publications/Creative Works/Engaged Work [Department chair’s responsibility

  4. Service

     Service Narrative: Goals & Accomplishments
     University, Professional, Community, Other Service

  5.  Assigned Duties, Annual Evaluations

    [Department Liaison’s responsibility to upload] 

For comparison purposes and for detailed instructions on each section, here is a link to the paper application: Paper T&P Application